Ingenuity, Passion & Brilliance by Doe Deere

Brilliance can come from just about anyone and the race, the color or the creed is no exception. Brilliance also comes from multiple industries of work. When it comes to cosmetics, brilliance has been put on full-display. This brilliance comes from a woman named Doe Deere. Doe Deere isn’t a common name, but there is nothing that is common about this woman. Thanks to her brilliance and ingenuity, the cosmetics industry has experienced a rebirth in a sense. Deere is the founder of Lime Crime, which is a top-rated cosmetics brand/company. The company has only been around for a decade, but it has reshaped the cosmetics environment thanks to its eclectic sense of style. You’ll find some of the most dazzling colors with this brand as well as find some of the most intense hues.


After moving to the United States as a teenager, Deere pursued her passion in music. She has always had a love for fashion, but music took the forefront of her attention. After playing in this band for quite some time, her focus moved on towards fashion and makeup. This focus is what inspired her to become an entrepreneur and becoming an entrepreneur was what she became. By attending New York’s affluent Fashion Institute of Technology, she learned and build the actual foundation to her future business. Deere decided to leave school in order to pursue her next passion. Lime Crime clothing was introduced in 2004, and it did fairly well for an amateur fashion line. This clothing line used EBay’s technological-platform to the fullest. Deere had a full-time job on her hands as she completed her own fabrications as well as partook in the actual modeling of the clothes.


After noticing that there was a void for eccentric makeup products, Deere decided to revamp her brand’s image. By 2008, Lime Crime had manifested into a cosmetics line, and it blew everyone away thanks to its vibrant-palette of colors. Neon blues, bright pinks, dark purples and vividly bright yellows were in the cosmetics’ DNA. No other brand at the time could compete with Lime Crime. Other benefits of this exceptional line is that the products are animal cruelty-free, are easy to apply and are organic in nature. Deere has always stated that you should find something that you’re good at and try sticking to making it as good as possible. In the end, Doe Deere has brought ingenuity, has brought passion and has brought brilliance to the forefront of the cosmetics field. Learn more:


Jed McCaleb, Co-Founder of Stellar, A CryptoCurrency Expert With a New Venture

Jed McCaleb, the Co-Founder of Stellar, is a renowned Cryptocurrency expert. This article summarizes the venture so far.

Jed McCaleb is an American programmer, who Co-Founded Stellar in 2014. Jed has a track record that includes starting Mt. Gox, pioneering e-Donkey, and is a leader in pioneering multi source downloading.

Jed McCaleb recognized that there were global flaws in the financial system, and so he teamed up with Joyce Kim to found the Stellar Development Foundation, where he serves as CTO.

Jed McCaleb started Stellar when he realized what bitcoin was, and how it could solve many problems with the underlying block chain technology. The need to create a new currency was there, and Bitcoin would be informational to the way the monetary system would work. Stellar links various financial institutions together that use Bitcoin. This would allow transaction costs to be cheaper between these institutions.

Stellar is used worldwide, and is used in the unbanked populations of the world, to increase the ease of which capital can move around. Stellar has improved since 2014. The current network is easier to scale, and borrows ideas from the internet in the sense that it is easy to use.

Jed McCaleb has worked on the Stellar network security to make sure that it is enhanced with the implementation of Stellar Consensus Protocal, also known as SCP.

Jed McCaleb is a remarkable entrepreneur, mostly because of his planning, and his concrete strategies. If the wrong goals are set in the first place, then Jed McCaleb believes that he will not be successful.

Jed McCaleb has mastered his ability to focus on the most important things. The things that distract Jed do not get in his way. Jed has also mastered risk management and risk analysis for starting new companies. Stellar is a product Jed’s tenacity.

Joel Friants Habanero Shaker Transcends Markets

Joel Friant knows how to follow the market. Since 1995 the serial entrepreneur has been at the forefront of many major changes. Friant, an avid proponent of free markets, is a sparkling example of what entrepreneurship can be. Numerous times he has joined a fledgling market, learned the field, and then set up his own business within it. Every time that business has been successful. Most people believe his career began with his flagship product, the Habanero Shaker, but the truth is it started with a fast food restaurant.

In 1995 Friant created the original fast food Thai concept, earning him the moniker the “Thai Guy”. The business would ultimately lead him to develop his most known product, cementing fast food Thai as an eternal footnote. But the truth is, the restaurant is the reason the Habanero Shaker exists. Being exposed to Habanero peppers through the restaurant Friant began developing an idea to transport the taste anywhere. Most shakers at the time used very little actual pepper, something Friant took exception to. So, after traveling around to find the best versions of the pepper, Friant created the Habanero Shaker. This would be his second time cashing in on a new market.

Many people throughout the 90’s started focusing on healthier eating. Getting products that with less additives and more natural ingredients. Friant’s Habanero Shaker contained nothing but natural ingredients, it was 100% Habanero flakes. It did not take long for the shaker to become a successful product. Friant was named a “foodpreneur”, an example many companies began to follow. Although he would eventually move on to other markets, the Habanero Shaker would be the one product he would be remembered for.

The Shaker left the market for many years. During this sabbatical Friant excelled in many other markets. He founded a mortgage lending firm, created revolutionary business concepts, and even started giving back with professional development seminars. Finally, he would follow trends into the business of online sales. It is here that Friant, upon learning the ropes from eBay and Amazon, would bring the Habanero Shaker back.

Comprehensive AvaTrade Review That You Must Read

With over 2 million trades executed every month, AvaTrade is one of the best online Forex brokers in the world. The firm offers a user friendly platform that is designed with traders in mind and provides to users with the perfect trading experience.

And unlike other online brokers who are just an online version of various financial institutions, this platform offers an enticing trading environment that is expressly made for traders. Also as one of the leading Forex brokers today, AvaTrade has offices in various locations across the world including, Sydney, Tokyo, Milan, Dublin and New York. Think am exaggerating?

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AvaTrade features

The standard account on the platform only requires a $250 minimum deposit. They offer leverage at 1:400 and there are both variable and fixed or floating spreads that start from 0.9 pips. Actually the firm’s spreads are one of the best in the industry.

AvaTrade Bonus

Any trader that opens an account with the platform will receive a generous bonus of $40 for a $200 deposit .Similarly there is a program known as Ava Select that awards clients that make a single deposit of $100,00 or more with customized trading terms, express withdrawal approvals, customized educational programs and other gifts.


AvaTrade account holders are also entitled to various benefits like, unlimited access to live webinars, daily analysis as well as online courses. For example there is an eBook known as Forex Trading strategies that shows users how to pinpoint trends from technical analysis and news.


You can make withdraw or make deposits through wire transfers and credit cards. There is also an Ava Debit card for live account holders for making deposits in their accounts.

Auto Trading Solutions

What makes AvaTrade really stand out from other traders is the wide array of automated trading solutions that that they offer. The platform is integrated with various providers like Zulu Trade, Robox, Mirro trader and DupliTrade. There are also several trading options which include the MetaTrader4 as well as the AvaTrader which feature live news feeds and advanced charting.

Customer support

The online Forex broker has a very friendly customer support team. You can reach them through live chat, email or phone. There is also a comprehensive FAQ section that covers various topics from funding to trading and other related questions.

Wrapping it up

With awesome manual and automated trading solutions plus a friendly and easily accessible customer care team, AvaTrade review is a well suited online Forex broker for both professional and beginner traders. While new traders will appreciate the vast educational resources, advanced traders will be pleased with the MT4 platform. The firm also gives users unlimited access to different financial markets including, stock indices, commodities, individual equities and Forex. Try AvaTrade today and you will be glad you did!

Oxford Club of The Agora, gives investment adivce

The Oxford Club is an exclusive, international, and private network of elite and truthful entrepreneurs and investors with its primary mission being fostering the financial, wellness, and educational growth of its members while protecting their wealth. The Oxford Club, as an independent global economic organization, has more than 150,000 members in over 100 countries globally, adding to their affiliated clubhouses in the host countries. Among the many privileges the club members enjoy, one includes numerous investment opportunities, thanks to its indomitable research prowess since 1989 when it was founded. The investment philosophy of the Oxford Club, as well as the ability to convey new investment ideas to the members, has passed the time test, with almost three decades of successfully delivering their mission through all market conditions.
One of the founders of the Oxford Club, who is also the founder of Agora Inc., William Bonner, helped in steering the club’s mission and vision, which was formerly known as the Passport Club when it was founded in 1989. The founders’ core vision was creating a privately-controlled financial club that brought together investors with a common interest in identifying and pursuing unique opportunities on a global scale. The investors also agree that the most lucrative investment opportunities are found via personal connections as opposed to the mainstream press.

The analysts at the Oxford Club use asset-allocated and market-neutral strategies of investment at different levels of risk in the assessment of opportunities with lower risk portfolios but offering the highest gains. The information is relayed to the investors on a monthly basis mainly through the Oxford Club’s educational arm, Investment U as well as their Wealthy Retirement program in the form of published educational advisories and premium research services. Additionally, club members receive information-sharing opportunities through regional seminars, global financial tours, and online exchanges. Members of the Oxford Club are also eligible for The Oxford Communiqué which is a newsletter often ranked as a top performing portfolio in the country.

Siteline Cabinetry: Offering the Best Cabinets

Cabinets are one of the most common features of a home. They are located in every room of the house, with the main purpose of being a storage area, or simply an aesthetic. There are a lot of cabinet manufacturers in the United States, but one stands out among the rest – Siteline Cabinetry. The company was founded in 2015, in the state of Virginia, and the primary objective of the manufacturing firm’s founders was to create the best cabinets for the American people that can be purchased for a reasonable price. Because of their high-quality products, word of mouth advertisement propelled the company into popularity. In just a matter of two years, Siteline Cabinetry was chosen as the best cabinet manufacturer in the United States.

Despite the number of cabinet manufacturers in the United States, people still prefer the services offered by Siteline Cabinetry, because they are letting their customers customize their cabinets. People who wanted to order a self-designed cabinet at Siteline Cabinetry can simply send their plan to the firm, and they are the ones who will be preparing the cabinet to suit the client’s design. The replications of the design coming from the clients are given positive feedback, with one of the clients thanking the company because they managed to imitate a cabinet that simply looked gorgeous and elegant. The products from Siteline Cabinetry are also being exported overseas because news of how aesthetically pleasing their products is has reached the other side of the globe.

Other customers and clients have the option to let Siteline Cabinetry manufacture their requested cabinets inside the comfort of their homes or offices. Siteline Cabinetry would welcome any request coming from their customers and clients who would like to have their cabinets made and installed on site. Siteline Cabinetry manages to have a friendly working relationship with their customers and clients.They believe that without them, the business would have failed a long time ago, but because of the continued support that is being given to the company, they keep on moving on and achieving new recognition in their chosen field of work.

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Jason Hope’s Growth in the Field of Biotechnology.

The most successful entrepreneurs are capable of succeeding in a variety of different fields, spreading their ability into markets that are rapidly and efficiently expanding. Jason Hope is a self-proclaimed futurist and he has put his name on the map by living up to those entrepreneurial standards. Hope is probably most well known for making his mark in the mobile communications field, with a variety of startups and partnerships, but that is far away from the only thing he wants to be remembered for. Hope has recently been putting more and more of his effort behind the advancements of biotechnologies and, more specifically, the research that those technologies are making possible in the pursuit of anti-aging technology.

In order to leap into the biotechnology field, Hope had to seek out a partnership with a company that he’d believe a future to be possible. Hope is well known for his thorough research but more than that he is focused on partnering with people who are excited and passionate about their field. This search naturally led Hope to find the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation is a non-profit research clinic located in California, ran by CEO Mike Kope with Dr. Aubrey de Grey in charge of research. Hope’s research led him to connect with Dr. Aubrey de Grey and this, in turn, incited Hope’s decision to make a donation to the facility. This donation, as it would turn out, would be quite well received.

Hope would end up signing a $500,000 donation to the SENS Foundation and his contributions were made public at a philanthropic event hosted by the Thiel Foundation called ‘Breakthrough Philanthropy‘. Peter Thiel himself was on hand for the event and he made it clear that Jason Hope’s donation was easily the highlight of the night’s festivities. Hope’s magnetism and excitement for the work that the SENS Foundation was taking on was palpable and it was mirrored by Kope and Dr. de Grey themselves.The SENS Foundation was created in 2009 with the goal of crafting, researching and promoting biotechnologies to fight against age-related illness. As a futurist, there is nothing closer to home than the concept of aging and this naturally meant that Hope had to jump onboard. Hope’s donation will be put toward fighting diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s while addressing the underlying contributing factors of numerous other medical problems related to growing older. With any luck, Hope’s contributions will lead to life changing technology.

Seguros Executive Octavio Lazari Will Be Bradesco’s New CEO According To Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Bradesco is coming off one of the most profitable years in its 75-year-old history. Wall Street is singing the praises of CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi and the members of his executive team. Wall Street is also celebrating the illustrious career of 91-year-old Lázaro de Mello Brandão. Brandão is the departing Chairman of the Board, and Cappi is taking his place. That scenario is not unusual. Trabuco Cappi and Lázaro de Mello Brandão are a team to reckon with in the banking industry. Cappi owes a lot to Brandão in terms of banking opportunities. Brandão was instrumental in hiring Cappi forty-nine years ago.

Mr. Brandão and founder Amador Aguiar put a small bank in Sao Paulo on the map, and they never stopped expanding their vision of their bank. When Cappi wanted to work for Bradesco in 1969 as clerk, the bank was already in a major acquisition growth spurt. Cappi wasn’t a numbers man in terms of education. But his personality, quick intellect, and his desire to be a banker was all Amador Aguiar and Brandão needed to prove he could be an excellent bank trainee. Cappi was not only an excellent trainee. Today, Cappi is an excellent bank executive with accommodations and awards to prove he has what it takes to be in charge of one of the largest banks in the world.

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Mr. Aguiar is long gone, and Brandão is finally leaving the bank after 75 years of service. But in true Brandão form, he is giving Cappi the opportunity to take over for him. Cappi didn’t hesitate when the bank’s board voted to make him the new chairman. He is taking over Brandão’s responsibilities on the board, but he will also be available to assist new CEO, Octavio Lazari with the challenges facing the bank in 2018 and beyond. Lazari is an excellent leader, and he knows how to make the numbers work. He is the current president of Banco Seguros, the insurance division of Bradesco. That division makes a lot of money for Bradesco, and bank employees feel that’s the reason Octavio got the job instead of one of the other six candidates.

According to IT Vice-President Mauricio Machado de Minas and chief risk officer Alexandre da Silva Glüher were candidates for the CEO job, but both men are up for a director’s seat, so they will still play an important role in executive decisions going forward. Andre Cano, another candidate, will stay in his position as human resource vice-president. And Josué Pancini and Domingos Abreu will stay in their executive roles as well. And Marcelo Noronha will also be part of the new executive team, according to a recent press release.

Some Brazilian bankers question Bradesco decision to change the executive team structure right now. But the bank didn’t have a choice. At 67, Cappi is too old to continue as CEO, and Lázaro de Mello Brandão is at the end of his banking career. Plus, Bradesco has to show internal movement in order for investors to feel confident that the executives are changing as banking changes in the 21st century. Banking is a tough business, and bankers are only as good as their last profit returns. Fortunately, Cappi and his team are riding the crest of unprecedented profits and growth, so all the internal changes make sense.

But the changes still have to go through the shareholders, and that meeting will take place March 12th. Cappi will get shareholder approval to be the next chairman, Lazari will get the ok to be the new CEO, and other executive team members will get the nod to be directors.

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How Michael Burwell Has Advanced His Professional Career

Michael Burwell is an American businessman who graduated from the University of Michigan in 1986, earning a degree in business administration. He is also earned the right to call himself a certified public accountant. He spent the first 31 years of his professional career at one firm, Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP. He had a number of roles as he advanced his career at this company including doing assurance practice auditing. In 1997 he was tasked with forming their transaction services practice that was to be established in Detroit, Michigan.


He became the chief financial officer in 2007 and the next year he was named the chief operating officer. In October 2012 he was promoted to being PricewaterhouseCoopers global and US transformation leader. Just under four years later, in July 2016, he was made a full partner of the firm.


During his time with this company, Michael Burwell specialized in managing many departments such as finance, technology, human capital, and global strategic sourcing. He was often chosen to be the senior relationship partner for many of his company’s most important clients. Burwell was an effective leader of the professionals that make up this organization and was very skilled at spotting efficiencies so that work could be performed more effectively. Go Here for more information.


In October 2017, Michael Burwell decided to switch his career up. He left PricewaterhouseCoopers and instead took a position as the new chief financial officer of Willis Towers Watson India Careers which is headquartered in the greater Philadelphia area. This firm is one of the leading international advisories and broker firms. Burwell was hand-selected to replace the outgoing CFO, Roger Millay, who had made the choice to retire. In welcoming him aboard his new company pointed to his 11 years of experience doing audits and 12 years of experience doing advisory services. They also welcomed his past experience doing providing business valuation services that were done with due diligence when a merger between two companies was being discussed.


In the statement released about him joining this new company, Michael Burwell said that he was honored to become part of the team at Willis Towers Watson. He said that when investigating joining them he was very impressed with the executives of the company as well as the culture they had been able to develop. He also was duly impressed by the commitment that they showed to always do right by their clients.


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Michael Burwell: A Blooming Chief Financial Officer

Michael Burwell is an American executive who was appointed recently as the new Chief Financial Officer of the Willis Towers Watson, one of the leading financial institutions in the United States. Michael Burwell started his career as the company’s newly elected Chief Financial Officer last October 2017, and according to him, being the newest chief financial officer of the company is going to be a challenge that he has to face. With more than three decades working for the finance sector, the executives and the board of directors back at the Willis Towers Watson knew that Michael Burwell has everything that they need, and it is the reason why he was ultimately chosen.



During his 31 years of working in the financial sector, Michael Burwell developed the skills that made him rise above the others. His extensive knowledge of the business is also an advantage, and it gave him the edge versus other applicants who are vying for the job. His past experiences include being a global leader and a US transformation leader for Price Water House Coopers LLP, and he has been working with the company for more than 31 years. He would also be assigned to work in different fields within the company, and through his talent, in being a leader, the company has experienced significant growth through the years. Michael Burwell would also initiate buy-and-sell schemes for small and big businesses that would provide additional revenues for his former company. Find Additional Information Here.



After being active with the Price Water House Coopers LLP, Michael Burwell decided that it is time for him to move on and take on new challenges that would make him successful. Upon the invitation of the executives working for the Willis Towers Watson, Michael Burwell applied for the position of becoming the company’s chief financial officer. Michael Burwell knew that he is the one who deserves to get the post because of his experiences and the skills and the knowledge that he developed through the years. Michael Burwell will be replacing Roger Millay, who served as the previous chief financial officer of the company. Roger Millay wanted to retire, which is why he decided to go down from his post and gave everything left on his desk to the responsibility of Michael Burwell. Presently, Michael Burwell has been doing a great job, and his colleagues are praising him for being a creative and innovative person. He has a lot of ideas to offer to the company, and all of these are being entertained for the benefit of the firm.


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