The Popular Stream Energy Network Exceeds The Industry

Stream Energy has been known for providing renewable energy to the local Dallas area, where they got their start, and throughout another area internationally. They started in 2010, as a retail energy and gas provider. Their team of professionals had no problem bringing their network to compete with others big-name corporations (HighTechChronicle). Stream Energy has also offered deregulated energy services across the United States and uses their word-of-mouth services and limited advertising to reach their customers. They were proudly founded by Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki after they began to deregulate energy services in Texas. Stream has continued to expand their network among other territories in the states.


They now operate in Pennsylvania, Washington, New Jersey, New York, and Maryland. Stream Energy focuses on giving their customers quality services to ensure the safety of the general public. Their team of professionals also recruited agents from Georgia to create unique job opportunities for the communities they serve. They also pay their customers for referring their network to other users. That’s right; their customers get rewarded for making their family and friends a part of their renewable energy network. The reign as one of the top energy efficient renewable energy sources in the industry.


Recent News About Stream Energy


Stream recently announced the position of president will be under the leadership of Larry Mondry ( He was selected from the firm’s board as the new president and he once acted as the chief executive officer. They have become one of the largest direct energy selling networks in the world and are anticipating global expansion. There have been several business presentations to elaborate on the idea of expansion. You’re invited to contact their company at Stream Energy on becoming a part of their reliable and sustainable renewable energy source network serving the public under a trusted network.

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