Matt Badiali: Geologist Turned Author

     Matt Badiali is an American geologist and author, who writes articles for the “Real Wealth Strategist”, a periodical published by Banyan Hill Publishing House. Matt Badiali stated that his passion as a geologist is being applied to his new career as a writer, because he is publishing articles that contained his researches. He graduated from the Pennsylvania State University, receiving his degree in Earth Sciences, and at the Florida Atlantic University, where he got his master’s degree in Geology. He also taught geologic subjects at the Duke University and the University of North Carolina, sharing the knowledge that he acquired from practicing the profession. He is already considered an expert in his chosen field, being able to study natural resources for more than twenty years.

Prior to joining Banyan Hill Publishing House, Matt Badiali is known as one of the top geologist in his field of work, and he has been a part of some of the largest geologic conventions around the world. He would present his research to the convention, sharing the information that he acquired to executives and companies working in the mining and petroleum industry. He also worked with several oil and mining companies in the past, exploring all kinds of terrain to search for a valuable investment material. He is also traveling around the world to discover a new place that has valuable resources that can be mined.

Matt Badiali’s skills and knowledge made him an asset for the company that he works for. He constantly speaks with executives from other companies to initiate a partnership, or he is presenting a great way on how they can invest their money for a project that he is working on. He also considers these executives as a friend and mentor, and they have taught him lessons that shaped his personality and being. Matt Badiali joined the Banyan Hill Publishing House because he wanted to share his research to a wider audience. For the past 11 years, he is writing and researching about the best investment options in the field of natural resources. Financial experts have recommended his articles and publications, because of its potential to help people who are still having a hard time thinking where they can invest their money. He is confident that being a geologist and an expert in the financial industry would give him the edge in the investment world. He invites everyone to read his articles, and to learn more about investing.