Kate Hudson and Fabletics Taking on Amazon

Consumers are more likely to buy products that are popular in their social circles. They trust crowd-sourced reviews just like personal recommendations. Marketers are increasingly adopting review-centric strategies to leverage these crowd-sourced review trends. Fabletics, an online fashion retailer employing disruptive marketing tactics, is harnessing the power of the crowd to achieve tremendous success.

The brand launched four years ago. However, it is taking the market by storm to the point of competing with big industry players. It has rapidly grown to realize a more than two hundred percent rise in revenue.

According to Forbes, the company’s innovative marketing style is giving Amazon, the global retail giant, run for its money. In what marketers call revere-show rooming techniques, Fabletics can bring new customers and retain them with ease, something that is unsettling big market players.

To show for this technique, Fabletics has attracted more than a million subscribers. The firm is a subsidiary of Techstyle Fashion Group, an online subscription fashion retailer with multiple divisions.

Fabletics is driving growth by embracing user reviews. Positive consumer reviews have the power to grow sales as well as enhance customer loyalty. Online reviews have become a significant factor in the decision-making process for consumers. More than half of consumers will research a brand online and read available reviews and testimonials before making purchase decisions.


In 2013, the founders of TechStyle Fashion Group came up with the idea of starting a reasonably priced and quality athleisure brand that was stylish as there was none then. They partnered with Kate Hudson who got involved with the brand right from day one. She was hands-on, got involved in the design process, and worked closely with the team to ensure their styles stayed fresh.

Kate also spearheaded efforts to make clear communication a priority, something that has set the company apart from its competitors. The company implemented a new data system to facilitate proper inventory at all levels. An upgrade in the department of customer service was also done. This was in response to the emerging needs of customers.

These interventions yielded a top rating for Fabletics from the Better Business Bureau in 18 months. There was also an improvement in their customer satisfaction score. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction resulted in quick growth with their 2017 sales projected to reach $250 million.