A Sneak Peek into Oncotarget

Oncotarget is an open access journal providing international peer-reviewed details covering research on oncology details every week. Published by the Impact Journal, the journal was launched in 2010 with Andrei V. Gudkov and Blagosklonny Mikhail as the chief editors. As of 2016/2017, Oncotarget has attained a journal impact of 5.168 with a total number of 6625 articles.Its main focus is on the pathological causes of all types of cancer diseases, prospective therapy target as well as the treatment protocols followed by cancer patients’ improvement. The journal also has a great motive on the impact of cancer management programs and the upcoming therapeutic clinics and perspective protocols of the patients like adherence, satisfaction, and quality life.

Through Oncotarget, patients who have cancer are informed of the new and current therapies revealing positive results through the acceptance of the patients.Oncotarget popularity and rapid growth have prompted the Impact Journal in publishing pathology on the paper. Compared to other Pathology papers, the Oncotarget Pathology Section will acquire several benefits including high impact factor and prompt publication. Also, with reviews and refutation, one can deliver a rejected paper from other popular journals via the submission system of Oncotarget, and in a matter of less than six days, a decision will be made.

Oncotarget Publishes the Gum Tissue Damage Causing E-cigarettes Study

Just like any other cigarette, Oncotarget study shows that the electronic cigarettes similarly cause damage to the teeth and gums. With the help of their research team, they were able to discover that vapors released by the electronic cigarettes produce inflammatory proteins that cause gum stress in cells. Such stress can damage the gums causing various oral ailments to the smokers. However, the extent of the damage will highly depend on the consistency of E-cigarette smokers.The study also provides a discovery of flavors used in the electronic cigarette that may also lead to the killing of mouth cells. FawadJaved, the co-author of the study, discovered that the cigarette contains nicotine, a harmful and gum disease causing substance. Dr. Mahmoud Rouabhia, the leader of the Oncotarget study, says that there are high chances for one to get cancer diseases after a prolonged use of the E-cigarette. However, the Oncotarget researchers are working on the same in order to establish it. The Journal has earned popularity in the world for having published the first study addressing the detrimental effects of electronic cigarettes on the mouth.