The Career Of Todd Lubar In Relation To Smart Houses

The market for smart homes is expected to exceed $60 billion by 2021. Eventually they will not be considered a luxury but an average home. Quadrant Homes is including a technology package with all their future homes that includes smart gadgets such as doorbells, lighting systems and thermostats. It is now possible to use a single voice command to turn off your lights, lock your doors and turn up your thermostat. The new technology is convenient and easier for handicapped and elderly individuals. Their movements can be monitored with walls that can sense motion and floors capable of alerting medical professions in case of a fall. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

As smarter appliance is developed the cost is dropping and the reliability is increasing. There are still challenges such as getting artificial intelligence to understand human speech. Security is another concern because many smart appliances do not have safety features. Cyber criminals are able to identify any vulnerability and obtain personal information or an entry point. The rapid growth of the industry means the time has come for housing developers, real estate firms and tech companies to begin investing in the market for smart homes.

The President of TDL Global Ventures is Todd Lubar. He attended the Syracuse University, graduated in 1995 and earned his B.A. in speech communication. When he graduated his first job was with Crestar Mortgage Corporation. He worked for Crestar from 1995 through 1999. Visit his page to learn more.

In 1999 Todd Lubar went to work in Arlington, Texas for the Legacy Financial Group. Todd was partially responsible for the growth of the office in Maryland to a loan volume of $100 million each year. He remained with the Legacy Financial Group until 2005 when he made the decision to move forward. He accepted a position with Charter Funding as their Senior Vice President. Charter is a division of the Magnus Financial Corporation and their headquarters is located in Arizona. He stayed with the company until August of 2007 when the changes in the mortgage industry caused him to go back to his roots. He began focusing on money mortgage origination while working for Priority Financial Services.

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