Oncotarget Plays a Critical Role In Sharing Scientific Information To Provide Treatment Solutions

Scientific Research has played a significant role in finding solutions for treating diseases. Currently, science has historically provided a plethora of opportunities for scientists as well as policy makers in the medical field. This is with the aim of making progress in finding curative measures for diseases. With life-threatening diseases like cancer, the emergence of science and technology have been helpful in finding treatment as well as therapies for better lives ahead. One such movement towards finding curative measures is Oncotarget, a journal that seeks to disseminate useful information on diseases like cancer. Oncotarget is focused on sharing as well as disseminating information on different cancer treatments and therapies including the emerging methods of treatment. Visit his profile on Google Scholar.


The universal drive towards a society free from diseases is massively becoming the main mission of many governments as well as organizations. Many people are adopting a multifaceted research-based platform for fighting diseases. Oncotarget has set the pace for providing scientific knowledge based on bridging the gap between knowledge and diseases. On a quest to publish research based findings for a cure, Oncotarget has provided an in-depth understanding of cancer and other diseases.

Cellular Rejuvenation

In 2015, Oncotarget published an article on dietary energy. The Journal highlighted the benefits of investing in a healthy diet. This is the way forward in fighting age-related diseases. According to the publisher, the food an individual takes has extensive effects on the immune system. This, in turn, leads to either better or deteriorating health. Throughout the literature, terms like dietary restriction as well as calorie restriction have been used to define the health advantages as well as disadvantages of an individual. According to the article, calorie restriction is reached when there is decreased energy. This is done by reducing the allocated food.


The same article on Oncotarget highlights the theory of target of rapamycin also known as TOR. This is a growth promoting hormone that becomes active by the circulation of amino acids, insulin as well as other elements that promote protein synthesis. Being an open source of information, Oncotarget is a significant item when it comes to disseminating information based on scientific research. Oncotarget is also available on Dove Press.