Sentence Fragments

When sentences aren’t correct, are not finely tuned, the satisfactory and clarity of communique is lost. One way to keep sentences from working is stumbling over sentence fragments. A sentence fragment is a collection of phrases punctuated as a sentence however which lacks a subject, a verb, or each, and which doesn’t contain a whole concept.

let’s examine the following paragraph to discover some sentence fragments:

example: Intrepid mountain climbers scaling a tall top. Climb higher and higher. Up the frozen slopes. after they reach the top. they are able to look forward to an excellent extra treacherous descent.

all of the sentence-like-punctuated businesses of phrases inside the preceding are fragments besides the final. we are able to hold the paragraph in thoughts as we have a look at a few ways to accurate sentence fragments.

once in a while a fraction lacks a topic. consequently, including a topic makes the fragment a sentence.

Fragment with out a topic: Climb better and better.

Sentence: They climb higher and higher.

another manner to correct a sentence fragment might be to attach the fragment with a sentence, rewording it if vital.

Fragment with out concern or verb: Up the frozen slopes.

Sentence: They climb higher and better up the frozen slopes.

At times a fragment lacks a verb, perhaps the usage of a verbal or verb without a assisting verb. The way to correct this kind sentence fragment could be to feature a verb or exchange a verbal to a verb.

Fragment with out a verb: Intrepid mountain climbers scaling a tall height.

Sentence via including a assisting verb: Intrepid mountain climbers are scaling a tall peak.

Sentence via changing a verbal to a verb: Intrepid mountain climbers scale a tall height.

At instances, a fragment has a subject and verb however doesn’t comprise a complete thought. To create a correct sentence, usually the fragment will want to be linked to a sentence.

Fragment missing a entire notion: once they attain the pinnacle.

Sentence: after they reach the pinnacle, they could stay up for a good extra treacherous descent.

Now let’s examine how the original paragraph full of fragments may be a correctly formatted paragraph.

Intrepid mountain climbers scale a tall peak. They climb higher and better up the frozen slopes. when they attain the top, they can look forward to a good extra treacherous descent.

subsequently, we don’t have any more stumbles over sentences fragments, which might be dangerous on steep, frozen slopes.


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