The Billionaire Entrepreneur; Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the current CEO and the co-founder of DAMAC Group a private Company in Dubai. DAMAC Is one of the largest Property Companies in the Middle East. Hussain Sajwani He identified the market opportunity and established DAMAC properties after the Dubai government authorized foreigners to own property in the country back in 2002.

Hussain’s primary objective was to build residential and commercial properties and sell them to the foreign visitors as they would see it convenient. In case you want to access the company the headquarters are in the United Arabs Emirates.

The DAMAC Group has all the experts they need enabling them to have full management in all aspects of building contentiously attractive residential and commercial properties and transform the appearance of Dubai. DAMAC Properties offer Engineering, marketing, sales, advertising and after sale services. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

Are you aware that Hussain and Donald Trump know each other? Yes, they are great friends and partners in the real estate business. The two are involved in a collaboration which saw Hussain Sajwani construct one of the Donald’s International Luxurious Golf Club in Dubai. It is one of a great club with villas contributing to $2 billion. Hussain and Donald’s family seem to be friends with Hussain Sajwani Hussain attending the Donald’s New Year celebration.

Donald Trump referred to Hussain as an amazing person and also calling his family the most beautiful people. The terms indicate that the two are close friends. Although Trump tried to distance himself with the issue of business, his family is now taking control on his behalf according to Hussain’s speech.

Although Hussain Sajwani has being involved much in business, he is active in philanthropy. He has supported and donated to a campaign aimed at clothing deprived children in the World. Hussain contributed AED 2 million which would cloth more than 50,000 needy children. He has helped and supported the government in improving the lives of the people.

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All You Need To Know About Tony Petrello

Anthony Petrello is the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries Ltd. He has held the position since 28th October, 2011 but was appointed its President in 1992. Before he joined Nabors Industries, Anthony worked at Baker & Mckenzie law firm from 1979-1991 where he specialized in international arbitration, taxation, and corporate law.

He holds a B.S and M.S. degree in Mathematics from Yale University as well as a Juris Doctor Degree from Harvard Law School. His college mate Lloyd Grove; The Daily Beast’s Editor, describes Anthony as a skinny, public-schooled, mathematics whiz that had become a protégé of the renowned Prof. Serge Lang.

Board Membership
Mr. Petrello has also served the Deputy Chairman of the Board at Nabors Industries Ltd from 2003-2012 after which he was allotted the position of a Board Chairman. He is also a member of the Texas Children Hospital’s board of trustees and serves as the Director of Hilcorp Energy and Stewart & Stevenson LLC Company.

His Family
Mr. Petrello’s membership at the Texas Children’s Hospital Board of Trustees is closely related to his daughter’s diagnosis of PVL (periventricular leukomalacia); a neurological disease common among infants born prematurely due to lack of blood flow and oxygen.

Carena Anthony’s daughter was born twenty-four weeks earlier weighing 20 pounds where she developed cerebral palsy for which Petrello and his wife Cynthia is devoted to finding answers. The couple’s extensive search led them to conclude that there was a dire need for large-scale research on pediatric neurological diseases.

They found solace at Texas Children’s Hospital that provides treatment for kids suffering from brain-related complications in collaboration with Jan and Dan Neurological Research Institute.

Jan and Dan Duncan recently joined Texas Children’s Board of Trustees making a contribution of up to $ 50 million to the institution geared towards research and treatments to children suffering from brain-related problems.

Clearly, Anthony Petrello remains a force to reckon with not only at Nabors Industries Ltd but also in various corporate platforms. His ability to provide strategic direction and planning in the dynamic business environment keep him relevant despite working at the company for over twenty years.

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Organic EOS Lip Balm is The Balm That Makes You Smile

To create a multi-million dollar sensation, it has to be imaginative, unique and universal, and that was the mission for Mehra and Teller when they designed the fantastic EOS lip balms. EOS stands for the Evolution of Smooth and with this concept in mind; Mehra founded the company that was to become the top lip balm producer for women across the globe. Seven years ago, EOS was only in Walgreen Drug stores, but today, it is a $240 million worth lip balm company, available around the globe, and its influence is only growing.

Until EOS hit the market, lip balms were either Blistex or Chapstick and the variety of inexpensive brands that subsidized the market. Mehra and Teller saw that there was a place in this industry for a spectacular product, so they used their imagination to create a natural, organic, pleasing and tasty lip balm. They appealed to females age 25-35, and they did it at a comparable price.

This flavorful, natural lip balm in an orbital container soon began to be the lip balm in many girl’s purses. Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, and Kim Kardashian were only a few of the celebrities that chose the organic EOS lip balm as their favorite brand. Mehra and Teller were using innovative concepts to recreate the brand; they took the established lip balm and made it fun and flavorful.

But, they did not want EOS to be taken as a fad, so in an effort to prevent that from happening, they are making the Evolution of Smooth story an open book for their Facebook fans. This story is designed to open up communication between EOS and its customers. Mehra and Teller focus on an emotional connection with the users, instead of making it just another product. The motto they chose fits their intention, “The lip balm that makes you smile.”

Clay B.Siegall – Founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics

Clay B. Siegall, a scientist by training, co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. He has held the President, Chief Executive Officer, and the Chairman position of the company’s board to date. He holds B. Sc in Zoology from the University of Maryland and a PhD in Genetics from George Washington University.

Dr. Siegall places emphasis on cancer therapies. With his scientific innovation and the passion for helping cancer patients, he built the foundation. Before he founded Seattle Genetics, he used to work with Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute that operated from 1991 to 1997. He also worked for the National Cancer Institute from 1988 to 1991.

Dr. Siegall developed the antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) which have guided the company and given it its current leadership. It has also aided it in securing its approval to 2011 FDA for its first product, ADCETRIS. The drug is approved in more than 65 countries. The approval has been made possible by collaboration with Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. Seattle Genetics has advanced proprietary ADCs of the pipeline for the treatment of cancer.

Siegall has played a very significant role in the communities concerning cancer treatment. He has plans to add more personnel to help in the communities to enable more people to access the healthcare services. He is also making an effort to expand the drug pipeline using the current medications.

Clay B.Siegall is a cancer researcher. He has spent most of his years in search of a cure for cancer. He has earned a reputation for the success of his firm Seattle Genetics, which he has recently transformed to one of the most innovative biotechnology firms in the world. He is currently doing his work in collaboration with the largest pharmaceutical companies in a bid to market the products that they have already designed.

Besides being a scientist and a doctor, Dr. Siegall is also an author. He has published over 70 publications.

Securus Technology Wins The Stevie

Securus Technologies is a company with its base of operations in Dallas, Texas. It serves over 3,000 corrections, public safety and law enforcement agencies all across the United States. These agencies house more than 1 million inmates. Securus Technologies serves and connects these industries by giving emergency response, public information, tools of investigation, information management, tools for biometric analysis and incident management. It is a company that does its absolute best to connect the things that matter together.


Recently, Securus Technologies won the Stevie Award. It is a prize that is conferred upon companies around the world. Each year, more than 10,000 entries are considered for the prize from over 60 nations. The Stevie Award is intended to recognize outstanding performance in the workplace. It highlights the achievements of the people behind the companies and the impact they have upon the world.


The Stevie Award presented to Securus Technologies was for its exceptional sales and customer service. The contact center, sales professionals and business development professionals at Securus were recognized in particular for their accomplishments this year. The award was given out in person at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. The event was attended by over 600 executives from all over the world. This year was the most competitive yet because there was a 10% increase since 2016. The panel of judges consisted of 77 business professionals who worked independently to determine the companies most deserving of the prizes.


The award was accepted by Danny de Hoyos who serves as Securus’s Senior Vice President of Operations. He stated that he felt honored to be recognized for the big steps his team has made in customer service this year. His team focused on developing new methods that helped agents empathize with the clients. That is how they helped the clients as much as possible during their time of need.


U.S. Money Reserve’s New Online Look

U.S. Money Reserve, one of the United States’ biggest distributors of U.S. government-issued precious metals, has recently re-launched its new website to the public. While the domain remains the same, the sites new look represents the company’s value-based ideals of trust and commitment and showcases its status as one of the leading dealers within the precious metals industry.


According to a recent PR Newswire press release, U.S. Money Reserves’ new site redesign, which can now be seen at, provides an ideal customer service experience. What is more, the new website has a brand new photo gallery displaying its current President, former U.s. Mint Director, Philip Diehl, as well as a second picture gallery showcasing a brand new set of precious coins recently acquired by U.S. Money Reserve.


The new site’s main purpose is not only to provide ease of purchase for those looking to acquire precious metals with gold coins but also to educate and inform visitors on the benefits of owning government-issued bullion.


Ryan Buchanan, the company’s VP of Brand and Creative, oversaw and managed the entire redesign process. He stated that the new applications and features that came along with the new site redesign have given U.S. Money Reserve a unique tool that provides high-quality content throughout the entire website.


Buchanan also stated that the new site will enable the company to interact better with its customers, as well as facilitate their purchase of precious metal reserves.


Some of the salient features of the new site include:


Live pricing on gold and silver bullion and bars


PCGS certified coins


Free gold information kit


Precious metal information and definitions


Gold news


By far, one of the most innovative features of U.S. Money Reserve’s new website is its Client-Connect Advantage, which allows the company to contact its clients for personal consultations. The Client-Connect Advantage also provides online purchasing assistance, offline press releases, and secure offline transactions.


As a leader in the precious metals distribution industry, U.S. Money Reserve stands by its BuyBack Guarantee for all online and offline purchases. The guarantee basically offers a complete refund on certified coin purchases for the current market value within the first 30 days of purchase. Combine that with insured shipping, innovative investment programs, and a user-friendly website, and you have a one-stop-shop for all your precious metals needs.


About U.S. Money Reserve


Based in Austin, Texas, U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001. Since then, the company has gone on to become one of the world’s biggest private distributors and dealers of foreign and domestic government-issued gold, silver and platinum currencies and products.


Today, thousands of customers within the U.S. choose U.S. Money Reserve to purchase U.S. gold and silver coins, as well as other physical precious metals.


U.S. Money Reserve employs a staff of highly-trained precious metals and coin experts. The company maintains a high standard of customer service that far exceeds the industry norm.

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The Many Faces of Eric Pulier

There are some people out there who focus on a single task and who put all that they are into the work of accomplishing one thing. There are others who choose to focus on a number of things and who do well at all of them. Eric Pulier is the latter kind of person. He is someone who I feel has made a name for himself in a number of areas and who I feel possesses a number of different talents.

Eric Pulier is someone who started young and went on to do great things. He was just a child when he started to get into programming computers. He then went on to attend Harvard. While in school, he worked as an editor and wrote a column for The Harvard Crimson.Eric Pulier is an entrenprenuer, and he has worked to found a company as well as an agency. His work as an entrenprenuer has earned him attention, and he knows how to be successful in all of the work that he does in that regard.

Eric also available on linkedin account:

Eric Pulier is an author. He co-authored a noted book, something that has great information inside and that many have read. The book, Understanding Enterprise SOA, covers the topic of service-oriented architecture.Eric Pulier is a father. I feel that one of the greatest things that this man did was becoming the father of four children. He is an active part of his children’s lives and the kind of dad he was meant to be.There are some people who do well when they set out to leave a mark on the world, and I feel that Eric Pulier is one of those people. I feel that Eric Pulier is someone who has accomplished all that he meant to accomplish and who is doing great things as he focuses on a number of different tasks.

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