Adam Goldenberg’s Rise In The Fashion Industry

Adam Goldenberg started his first business in 1997 when he was only 15 years old. Goldenberg’s company, Gamer’s Alliance, Inc., was a network of gaming sites. He successfully sold the company 2 years later to Intermix Media and then at just 17 years old became their Vice President of Strategic Planning. 3 years later he became their Chief Operating Officer which places him as the youngest COO that has ever served in the position at a publicly traded company.

While Adam Goldenberg was working at Intermix Media he became friends with Don Ressler. They have gone on to co-found a number of companies together after Intermix was acquired by News Corporation in 2005. The first company they founded was Intelligent Beauty with each serving as co-Chief Executive Officers. This company on developed and operates companies in the field of personal care, beauty, and fashion. They also co-founded Adam Goldenberg continues to serve as the Director of this company which sells high-end beauty products through its online site.

In 2010 Goldenberg and Ressler co-founded their biggest success yet; JustFab. This is an online fashion retailer that provides quality, fashionable clothing to its members at affordable prices. JustFab added a number of subsidiaries since opening and in 2016 they changed the name of the parent company to TechStyle Fashion Group reported on Twitter. In order to have the ability to quickly respond to fashion demands as well as offer exclusive products the company produces the clothing that it sells. Adam Goldenberg and Techstyle Group also use a membership model so that they are able to offer personalized services to their customers, offer fashions that are individually targeted, and at half the price that their competitors charge.

One of the things that Adam Goldenberg strongly believes in is that in order to sell fashionable clothing online it needs to be fun, inviting, and offer a sociable experience. This concept has been behind all of the companies they have created, starting with Intelligent Beauty.

Adam Goldenberg has commented, half joking and half serious, that when he started out in the world of fashion he didn’t know the difference between a peep toe and a Mary Jane. However, when he looked at what the fashion companies were offering customers there was a huge opportunity to provide something different. In order to create their vision Adam and Don brought in the best in the industry and the rest has been history at