Adam Goldenberg’s Rise In The Fashion Industry

Adam Goldenberg started his first business in 1997 when he was only 15 years old. Goldenberg’s company, Gamer’s Alliance, Inc., was a network of gaming sites. He successfully sold the company 2 years later to Intermix Media and then at just 17 years old became their Vice President of Strategic Planning. 3 years later he became their Chief Operating Officer which places him as the youngest COO that has ever served in the position at a publicly traded company.

While Adam Goldenberg was working at Intermix Media he became friends with Don Ressler. They have gone on to co-found a number of companies together after Intermix was acquired by News Corporation in 2005. The first company they founded was Intelligent Beauty with each serving as co-Chief Executive Officers. This company on developed and operates companies in the field of personal care, beauty, and fashion. They also co-founded Adam Goldenberg continues to serve as the Director of this company which sells high-end beauty products through its online site.

In 2010 Goldenberg and Ressler co-founded their biggest success yet; JustFab. This is an online fashion retailer that provides quality, fashionable clothing to its members at affordable prices. JustFab added a number of subsidiaries since opening and in 2016 they changed the name of the parent company to TechStyle Fashion Group reported on Twitter. In order to have the ability to quickly respond to fashion demands as well as offer exclusive products the company produces the clothing that it sells. Adam Goldenberg and Techstyle Group also use a membership model so that they are able to offer personalized services to their customers, offer fashions that are individually targeted, and at half the price that their competitors charge.

One of the things that Adam Goldenberg strongly believes in is that in order to sell fashionable clothing online it needs to be fun, inviting, and offer a sociable experience. This concept has been behind all of the companies they have created, starting with Intelligent Beauty.

Adam Goldenberg has commented, half joking and half serious, that when he started out in the world of fashion he didn’t know the difference between a peep toe and a Mary Jane. However, when he looked at what the fashion companies were offering customers there was a huge opportunity to provide something different. In order to create their vision Adam and Don brought in the best in the industry and the rest has been history at

Beverly Hills Auto Group Will Get You Into Your Dream BMW

Buying a used BMW from Beverly Hills Auto Group is a wise choice. Not only will you save loads of money on things like shipping charges, destination fees, and “dealer preparation,” you will save a lot of money normally lost to depreciation. You can even score lower insurance and interest rates.

When you buy a used BMW from Beverly Hills Auto Group, you can be as confident as they are, that you are getting a good car at a good price. At Beverly Hills Auto Group, you will get a vehicle that will pass safety and mechanical inspections with no problem. You can even bring your own mechanic to Beverly Hills Auto Group to double check for yourself-you won’t be surprised or disappointed. They don’t have pushy salespeople, either, like you would expect from most dealerships. So, get pre-approved and get the ball rolling towards getting your new BMW today.


Tony Petrello Provides Direction To Let His Company Grow

Anthony Petrello joined the Board of Directors of Nabors in 1991. Next was his selection as its President and COO.

Today he is the Chairman of this Board as well as of the Executive Committee. Tony Petrello is involved in operations as well as strategic planning for the Company. His direction has allowed Nabors to adapt and succeed in this highly dynamic as well as competitive environment.

Tony Petrello has worked for Baker & McKenzie which is a law firm. His work included international arbitration, general corporate law, and taxation. He has a J.D. degree from the Harvard Law School. He has earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Yale University. These were both in Mathematics.


In addition, Tony Petrello is a part of Texas Children’s Hospital by being on its Board of Trustees. He is fully involved in clinical research for addressing those children who have neurological disorders.

Cynthia Petrello and Tony Petrello are the parents of 8-year-old Carena. She has just learned how to chew solid food. Now she is trying to learn how to walk and talk. Carena is suffering from a neurological condition. Hence she has to fight in order to achieve things that may be normal for any other child.

Carena had been diagnosed with periventricular leukomalacia (PVL) at birth. This is a neurological disease that is commonly found in premature infants. This led to cerebral palsy in her case. It has impaired her motor skills chronically. Her parents are devoted to finding solutions to her condition.

This was when Tony Petrello decided that translational research is required on a large scale in order to make a difference. Hence they take Carena to Texas Children’s Hospital every day. They are trying to give Carena and other children like her a chance to help them reach their full potential.

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Nationwide Title Clearing Launches An Innovative Online Property Report Ordering System

Clients can now order property reports directly from Nationwide Title Clearing’s (NTC) website. This follows the recent launch of company’s updated website. NTC’s new online ordering system is aimed at helping to eliminate title defects, as sellers and buyers can now readily access various property reports.


Property titles are critical during any transactions. To this end, when an error occurs, the transaction is slowed down or even aborted. In some scenarios, title defects have led to mortgage companies foreclosing the wrong properties. This situation has inconvenienced everyone involved. The recent increase in the cases of title defects has been a worrying factor for the real estate industry. According to the company, property records are the key to clear titles and elimination of buybacks and wrongful foreclosures.


Many factors can cause title defects. One of the most common causes of the problem is several people claiming the same report. These defects occur when individuals claim properties that do not belong to them. In addition, the wording of titles has also led to many defects. It is a requirement that every title must be worded as per the rules and regulations of the area where a given property is located. In case the wording is wrong, the title becomes irrelevant. The absence of the required signatures can also lead to faults on the title. Crucial signatories in a transaction include that of the spouses. Moreover, failure to follow filling procedures has also been associated with many title defects. This information was originally published on National Mortgage News as highlighted in the link below


Speaking during the announcement, John Hillman advised buyers and sellers to address title defects as early as possible. Failure to do so will lead to cancellation of the transaction and frustration of both parties. John is the chief executive officer of NTC. He was one of the main figures behind the launch of NTC’s online ordering system.


According to Hillman, the new platform is in-line with the company’s goal of offering fast, simple, and systematic process of securing property reports. This ease will help revolutionize the mortgage industry. Some of the reports that clients can order online are Tax Status(Plus) Report, Tax Status Report, Current Owner Report, and Assignment Verification Report.


About Nationwide Title Clearing

NTC Inc was founded in Florida in 1991. The Palm Harbor-based company is a market leader in research and document processing in the United States. Its high quality services have seen the company become one of the important players in the mortgage market. Notably, with eight out of the 10 top residential mortgage companies rely on its services. Over the years, the company has also won several awards, including Fast 50 Companies in Tampa Bay, Inc. 500, and Hire Power Award.



Wengie’s 5 Favorite DIY Phone Hacks


Wish you could turn your iphone camera lens into a macro lens? You can do it, and only with a drop of water. Place a single droplet of water onto your camera lens and start snapping away! Water tension will keep the droplet in place, allowing you to take pictures of small objects with high magnitude.


Sometimes we get our phones dirty while we’re eating, and the sticky feeling left on the screen can be really disgusting. You can avoid this problem by making your own iphone stylus! Chose a pen with a metal casing, and take it apart so that you’re left with the top section only. Then, cut out a piece of a sponge that is just a little bigger than the opening of your pen. Moisten the sponge a bit before inserting it into the pen casing. Now you can use your phone without getting it so dirty.


For those who like to exercise and listen to music at the same time but can’t afford an expensive arm band, here’s your solution: cut a sock above the heel so that you’re left with a band of fabric. Fit this around your arm and fold the bottom over to form a pocket. Slip your phone inside the pocket and fold the top of the band over everything else to keep it snug. Poke a hole in the fabric where your headphone jack is, and then insert your headphones. Now you can easily listen to music while you exercise without breaking the bank!


According to Wengie, many people are guilty of watching videos on their phones for extended periods of time, causing them serious neck pain. This issue can easily be solved. Grab a toilet paper roll and cut a 1/4 inch wide slit into it so that it holds your phone perfectly. Then cut a circle the diameter of your paper roll into the sides of two plastic cups and fit the three together. Just place your phone inside the slit and you’ll have a phone stand with a speaker to alleviate some of that neck pain!


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