How Nabors Industries Has Expanded Under The Leadership Of Anthony Petrello

Also identified by many as Tony, Anthony Petrello is currently the CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd. Ever since 2001; he has always offered his service to the company until now. The Firm is a holding company of Nabors Exchangeco located in Canada. When growing up, Tony Petrello always knew the importance of education as he believed it would one day change his life.

This is why he pursued his studies with the aiming of becoming a famous person one day. He was able to earn his J.D degree from Harvard Law School before joining Yale University to acquire an M.S degree in Mathematics.

With his level of education into consideration, it was not difficult from him to get a job and start his career path. He began his career journey at Baker and McKenzie law firm back in 1986. He acted as the managing partner of the firm’s New York office. The law firm was driven by the desire to dedicate all their efforts to helping their clients. The same passion runs in Anthony an element that has made him become one of the well-paid bosses. In 2014, he wasn’t able to make it to the top list because Nabors had changed their compensation and corporate governance practices. As the CEO of Nabors Industries, he was able to provide perfect strategy planning that enabled the firm to thrive in an environment that was highly competitive.


While working in various institutions, he gained a lot of experiences and skills especially when it came to operations and managing a company. A lot of experience he gained was from working at Nabors Industries for a long time, and this is what made him effective for the CEO position. Ever since Anthony was the chief executive officer of Nabors Industries, the share price has been seen to go up nearly one fifty percent. He has also been able to foster a healthy relationship with all his investors, and this is why the oil organization is very successful.

Over the years, Nabors Industries Ltd has gained more investors and expanded its profits all because of the leadership skills of Anthony. The firms and Anthony’s exemplary work has enabled him to have a good reputation for being a great CEO, and it is known globally. He has gained a lot of respect from his investors, employees and other leaders in the industry. His responsibilities of recruiting new employees, implementing the company’s plans, linking with investors among others have made him become the person he is today, a true definition of a leader.

Securus Technologies, Inc. Completes Transaction to Acquire JPay Inc.

Securus Technologies has signed a definitive agreement that commits the company to purchase Jpay. According to the agreement, they will transfer the company stocks to Securus Technologies name after the payment is complete. For this reason, Securus Technologies has decided to hasten and get a better innovative company sustain its development and technological moves in this industry. Jpay is a company that is committed to excellence and market leadership. As a matter of fact, Jpay has worked in the inmate industry for more than a decade gathering enough experience to thrust it to greatness. Therefore, Securus Technologies admired the services offered by the company and made it a purpose of paying any price to acquire Jpay.


Jpay is a company that provides inmate services in technology. It has numerous applications that are designed to train patients through their correctional life. As a matter of fact, the company has also developed applications designed to foster entertainment among the inmate families. Therefore, they will remain one of the fastest growing companies in the inmate industry. The company has also pioneered in one of the most innovative ways of payments using an electronic system of purchase. For the company, this was the service that defined their stability in the market when it was founded. Therefore, it is now one of the companies with the highest potential for growth with income.


Securus Technologies operates in more than 33 states and inmate facilities in North America. According to Rick Smith, this transaction will make Securus Technologies become one of the fastest growing companies in the heart of America. Therefore, they will seize this opportunity with both hands and take good care. When the company announced that it intends to purchase Jpay, all social media companies laid their bids to buy Jpay. For this reason, it is clear that it was a good shot.

WEN by Chaz Dean Hair Care

There are simple changes you can make to your daily routine to maintain healthy, shiny, balanced hair. Limit heat styling as much as possible. The extreme temperatures damage the hair follicle and dry out your strands. This can lead to hair loss and breakage. Try washing your hair less frequently. Shampoos can strip hair of its natural oils and cause dryness. Cleansing conditioners are a great alternative to traditional shampoos. Also choose quality hair care products.

Lifestyle choices can also have huge impact you the health of your health. The food you eat can affect the shine, growth, and volume of your hair. Similarly taking hair loving vitamins can also greatly impact hair health. Limiting time out in the sum will help to prevent drying and bleaching of your hair.

A fantastic product line to try for more healthier and balanced hair is WEN by Chaz Dean. WEN is best known for their cleansing conditioners, which clean and moisturize your hair at the same time. WEN by Chaz Dean is a trustworthy brand with a 60-day money back guarantee on all of their products. The ingredients in all of WEN hair products are natural and nourishing to your hair. They will leave your hair feeling clean yet balanced. WEN has products for all hair types and textures. Their cleansing conditioner is a time saver because it acts as an all-in-one product. It cleans, conditions, treats, and styles your hair. WEN by Chaz Dean is a brand that many have trusted for years.

For more hair care tips, check out the WEN hair Facebook page and Twitter.

Why Are You Still On That Old Mobile Plan?

If you’re sick and tired of paying hefty monthly payments for your mobile service you should look no further than FreedomPop. First of all, FreedomPop offers a completely free cell phone service for those minimal users of data at 500mb of 4G data and there are no contracts or cancellation fees involved. But for most mobile users today, 500mb is not enough data and FreedomPop will charge users who go over their data limit. However, there are other options. The $5 a month plan features the use of cell towers with connections from over 10 million Wi-Fi hotspots across the country that allows you to access your voice, text, and data through the ever-growing Wi-Fi network.


With the $5 a month plan, you need to be close to Wi-Fi access on a consistent basis, which is perfect for metro dwellers, but for those people who find themselves in rural areas from time to time, maybe the $10.99 a month plan will be ideal. With this plan, you get unlimited talk and text with 500 MB of data; also, you get the choice to talk and text over Wi-Fi or with the cellular network. Just like the free option, your data can automatically be filled to its limit when you use your data, or you can pick the option to pay $0.02/MB over your limit. And, with this plan, you get you first month free.


Even with those great plans, FreedoomPop still has their most popular choice available. The “Unlimited Everything” plan is $20 a month. You get unlimited talk, text, and data, and if you consume more than 1GB of data, your data speed will drop from 4G to 3G. Not bad considering it’s a flat rate of $20 a month. Also, with this plan you get the first month free of charge.


This FreedomPop review features 3 plans that could fit into many different users limits. FreedomPop offers a wide variety of phone, tablet, and device supplies, some of which are renovated name brands, and some of which are new FreedomPop exclusive devices. Or, if you have a device that is compatible with Sprint, then you’re good to go. If you’re truly fed up with your expenses of your current mobile plan, FreedomPop is definitely something to take into consideration. Especially with no contract and no cancellation fees. With the wide access of Wi-Fi networks and service options for your mobile devices, its definitely time to get off of that old plan that you had since 2010.


Squaw Valley Issues Statement On Water Situation

Squaw Valley issued a follow up to the original news of E. coli and coliform bacteria being found in the drinking water. The issue was originally reported on November 8, 2016 to the Placer County Department of Environmental Health when E. Coli and coliform bacteria were detected in the water supply for Squaw Valley, located on the upper mountain. The area remained open as the issue was dealt with, however, the restaurants at the upper mountain were closed until the water was treated and fully passes testing.

Squaw Valley considered the safety of their customers as top priority as soon as they were notified of the issues with the water. Routine testing detected E. coli and coliform bacteria and Squaw Valley immediately began consulting with water safety experts to not only begin immediate treatment to the water, but to protect everyone in the area.

Following a heavy rainstorm in October, the newly upgraded water system that was only installed over the summer became inundated and caused the contamination to the water system. The issue was only found with that single water system, and at no point caused any contamination to water that was available to the public.

Squaw Valley immediately took action to begin treatment of the affected water system and while these measures are being take, they have taken many steps to ensure all their customers receive the top level of care they have come to know. During the time of treatment, bottled water will be available, free of charge, to all customers. Restaurants will remain closed until the water supply is completely safe for use. As they continue to work to correct this issue,, they issued a statement of thanks to Placer County and the Squaw Valley Public Service District for all their help with this matter.

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Brad Reifler: Founder And CEO Of Successful Financial Companies

Brad Reifler is the CEO and founder of Forefront Capital. He is known for trying to help investors – especially new investors – learn the ropes. He warns investors on common pitfalls to avoid while arming them with sound investment principles. Reifler freely shares his wisdom on investing. The average person can take his advice and become successful at investing. For example, he urges investors to refrain from putting all their money in the stock market. Middle class investors have limited options for investing since they are not accredited by the government, and Brad simply wants to help them out.

Non-accredited investors are the main focus of Brad Reifler’s attention. The investment world has apparently overlooked these potential investors as not being intelligent enough to participate. However, the SEC has started to realize that people are smarter about investing these days. This may result in the abolishment of certain 30 year old rules about net worth requirements. Through Forefront Capital, Brad works to reduce investor fears brought on by the 2008 financial crisis. He believes that average investors can see a relatively small investment increase substantially over time. Better investment options coupled with sound advice can provide compound returns for all investors.

Brad Reifler earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science from Bowdoin College. After graduation, he founded Reifler Trading Corporation, his first company, in 1982. The company’s specialty was global derivatives. They became so successful that Refco, Inc. ended up buying the company in 2000. Refco is a prominent futures company, and from 1995 until 2000 Brad was the manager of Refco’s Institutional Sales Desk. His duties included overseeing the sales of global derivatives. Reifler became a star trader while at Refco. In 1992, Reifler founded another company, Reifler Capital Management which focused on strategies for foreign exchange trading.

Over the years, Reifler started several new companies. In 1995 he founded Pali Capital Inc. where he took on the job of Senior Managing Director. He also served as Pali’s Chief Executive Officer from 1995 to 2008. He also founded Forefront Capital where he served as CEO. The company built several subsidiary businesses such as Forefront Partners and Forefront Advisory. Reifler also founded Forefront Capital Markets Management, LLC where he has been CEO since 2009. He serves as director and sits on the advisory boards of a number of financial companies, such as Symmetry Property Development, LLC and ITG Market Research Inc. He also serves as a Trustee of the Millbrook School.