Arthur Becker Invests In Three Townhouses

Arthur Becker, a renowned real estate, and tech investor has been expanding his portfolio in the real estate business. One of the recent investments that have not gone unnoticed is the purchase of three townhouses on Soho District’s 10 Sullivan Street. According to the NY Mag, this investment deal will see him possess properties he can rent out or live in. For some years, Arthur has been known as a silent backer of the real estates in New York City who has invested in many projects so far. His acquisition of the townhouses in Soho District gives him other properties that will help him increase his overall investment portfolio.

Recent NY Daily News reports suggest that Arthur Becker has invested about $ 20 million in this real estate project. Even though this amount is high, Becker hopes that these properties will give him high returns once he rents them out or sells them in the future. This investment will enable him to control property in New York City’s most desirable neighborhoods. The real estate properties will see Arthur have a prestigious residential location and provide him with assets that will appeal to anyone who wants to be a resident of the Soho district.

These three properties will give Arthur a chance to profit in the present and the future. He plans on living in one house and leasing the other two. This will help him make a considerable amount of income while still owning the properties. He may also look to sell them after some years and make profits worth millions of dollars. Therefore, these townhomes are some of the better investments Arthur Becker has done recently.

His ability to spot key real estates in New York City and invest in them is due to the vast fortune he gets from investing in bio and info technology. Other than investing in the technology companies, Arthur uses some of the extra funds to get prime properties. Industry sources have also revealed that he rarely involves himself in the daily operations of most of the properties he invests in, but always wants an oversight of these investments.