Keith Mann Helps Graduating High School Seniors in Brooklyn

The education of children has always been a major concern for all people. With education, children have the opportunity to accomplish whatever they want to accomplish in life. Education gives children a way to change their economic and social position. However, there are many children who live in areas where education is lacking in terms of quality. One of the major reasons for this is the lack of money to provide what is needed in the schools that comprise these areas.


There are various ways that children in these areas can receive a quality education. One of the ways is by starting charter schools in these areas. Charter schools provide what the public schools in these areas are not able to provide for the children.


Uncommon Schools is an organization that provides quality charter schools for areas where quality education is lacking because of money issues. Uncommon Schools has a network of charter schools that it runs in a three state area. The schools range from K-12 and serve thousands of children.


In addition to providing quality education for children by running charter schools, Uncommon Schools also tries to help children that go to the schools continue their education beyond high school. Uncommon Schools encourages and helps children to attend college. One of the ways that Uncommon Schools is able to help children attend college is with scholarships provided by people who want to help the children at Uncommon Schools.


Keith Mann is a local businessman in the New York city area where Uncommon Schools has several charter schools. Keith Mann recently started a scholarship for graduating seniors from an Uncommon High School located in Brooklyn. The scholarship can be used to help the graduating seniors pay for college expenses. The value of the scholarship is $5,000.


Keith Mann has his own company that he runs, which is Dynamic Search Partners(DSP). The company is an executive search firm that helps companies find people to fill executive positions in the companies.


Keith Mann has many years of experience in the executive search industry. He has made a name for himself as the owner of Dynamic Search Partners and has a solid reputation in the local business community.