George Soros Clinton Cash Infusion

The legendary trader from New York, billionaire trader George Soros is opening up his wallet for the 2016 presidential election. Soros continues to ramp up donations to the Clinton campaign, with another cash infusion. This recent donation comes on top of the eight million dollar contribution he made in early 2016.

Soros cemented his name in 2016 as a leading political donator to the Clinton Campaign. Soros 2016 contributions have toppled the cash he donated in 2012 to the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton continues to extend her open door policy with the billionaire trader. Mr. Soros is passionate about policy discussion. One policy in particular stimulated his latest donation spree to Hillary Clinton: Immigration.

Soros dislikes Donald Trump’s immigration policy, and his support for Hillary extends far beyond words. As rhetoric ramps up in 2016, George Soros continues to reinforce his support for the Democratic Presidential nominee by committing cash to defeat Donald Trump.

Soros displayed his commitment to immigration reform with a recent contribution to Immigrant Voters Win. The purpose of this contribution is twofold:

1) Get more Latino voters to the polls
2) Persuade Latino swing voters to support Hillary Clinton

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The contribution comes amidst a perceived enthusiasm gap with voters. Both sides are courting undecided voters heavily. George Soros is utilizing a wise strategy to get immigrant voters fired up to go to the polls.

Demographic shifts provide another piece of the political puzzle. Each year, Latino voters hold more voting power. This power has not gone unnoticed by either side, which is why Mr. Soros ramped up his donations to immigrant voting groups.

Any donation from Soros commands attention from both sides of the aisle. Democrats look to George Soros support as a marker for their campaign success. The more he gives, the more the Democratic base gets energized. The more they get energized, the more they contribute, and not just in dollars. A George Soros contribution sparks a passionate Democratic response.

Republicans keep tally on the billionaire’s donation like hawks watching prey. Mr. Soros wields heavy influence, and Republicans use his contributions on Forbes as a tool to energize their own base.

Michael Vachon, Soros’ political adviser notes the billionaire’s renewed passion for the 2016 election. “This year the political stakes are exceptionally high.” As election season heads into the final weeks, all eyes will be on Soros. Mr. Soros hinted at additional contributions as election day approaches. Buckle up, it’s about to get interesting.