Build Your Financial Future With A Proven Online Course

VTA Publications is a great online course that offers over 5,900+ financial strategies for their clients. This course is tried and proven among thousands of successful Fortune 500 companies. Jim Hunt is the creator of this tuition assistance course for financial freedom. Hunt is an investor and a financial analyst. You don’t have to worry about being on your own with the course because they offer around the clock assistance that includes CD’s, tutorials, and live online support. He believes that it is very important to be their for his clients and guide them through financial freedom one step at a time.


Hunt offers his clients tutorials that will give them a chance to learn how to really invest from the stock market on Youtube. He invests in actual stocks and allows you to watch his video to get a first hand account of how the stock market works. His Youtube videos are supposed to work in conjunction with his VTA Publications courses. His videos are accessible to anyone that has access to the internet. His Youtube videos are in high definition and feature a variety of different investments for you to choose from. In fact, these are actual stock market investments made by Hunt.


Jim Hunt offers his VTA courses to his clients online and gives away actual secrets from the big banks. He says that the banks are making more money, from your money, than you are. There are a thousands ways for you to build your financial wealth through his strategies, but he admits that you have to stop listening to the naysayers and surround yourself with positive people. He believes that positive people will help pioneer your dreams and possibly finance your future. He understands that it is very important to generate a cash flow if you plan to invest, save money, buy a new home, or a boat. Your financial future depends on what steps you take to build your future. You’re invited to try the VTA course like thousands of others around have the world have done. You can gain the financial freedom that you want with a proven course designed by Hunt.

An Entrepreneurial Genius Gives Financial Advice to Young People

Having the smallest amount of financial knowledge can really give someone a leg up in this world. Contrary to what many young may think, the world of finance is not a difficult subject to learn about. With just a few tips and life lessons about dealing with money can change someone’s life in miraculous ways.

One of the first things young people need to understand is how to properly manage a budget. Personal finance is much like the financial stability of a business. Just as businesses create and maintain budgets, it is wise for individuals to figure out how to balance their income with times when they will be spending their money or saving their money. By creating a fully planned out budget, individuals can avoid entering into debt and unexpected expenses while still planning future goals.

Another big issue that everyone of every age needs to understand is taxes. No one likes taxes because people know that they get paid less than they earn. Nowadays, people use direct deposit to get paid, so they don’t really get a good look at their pay stubs. A pay stub displays how much money was earned and how much money was taken out for taxes. Everyone pays Federal income tax and social security as well as state and local taxes, along with any other deductions such as health insurance and 401K.

What could really help young people set up a bright financial future for themselves is understanding compound interest, having good credit, and getting good deals. Compound interest is earned when there is money in an account receiving quarterly interest from the bank. Good credit and good deals can help young people achieve financial milestones without breaking their banks.

Brad Reifler, the man reasonable for such advice, is an exemplary serial entrepreneur. Currently, Brad Reifler is CEO of Forefront Capital. Brad Reifler also sits on the boards and manages many other companies. He’s director at Sino Mercury Company and founder of Forefront Capital. He founded his first company in 2000.

Handy Inc.’s Winning Strategy

Handy Inc. is a New York-based cleaning company which was founded by Oisin Hanrahan (now CEO) and Umang Dua (now Chief Operating Officer) in 2012. The two were classmates at Harvard Business School and that’s where they came together and came up with the brilliant idea to start a cleaning company. Their idea was to have an app ( through which people could request for domestic cleaners (pros). They started off well as they got funding from venture capitalists and were able to establish themselves in 28 markets. However, it got to a point where funding became very scarce and they had to cut their costs.

The company struggled with a lot of problems typical of any startup. They received numerous customer complaints about their substandard services and lack of consistency in their services. The demand for the service also far outstripped the supply of pros and there were therefore numerous last-minute cancellations due to lack of cleaners. Their customer service lines were swamped with calls from disgruntled customers and therefore their administrative costs skyrocketed.

The Self-Serve Onboard Program

In a bid to cut costs, Hanrahan suggested a self-serve onboard program. This would help them reduce their spending on the customer service department. It was not an easy decision as they had to lay off many members of staff but it was necessary as they did not have the funds to sustain them. The first few months of implementing this did not go too well for the company as they had numerous employees resigning for fear of losing their jobs. Furthermore, the self-serve onboard program was not as profitable as the co-founders had anticipated.

However, the company eventually stabilized and is now making profits in all its markets. Handy Inc.’s growth is now 50% organic and through referrals. Hanrahan and Dua still plan to seek additional funding to expand their business but they will be doing it from a position of strength. The co-founders are proud of the decision they made. It was a risky decision but it paid off in the end.


Shared Office Spaces And The Freedom Of Time


Shared office spaces are one of the answers to a lot of wishes. Before shared office spaces, people had to go to work at a certain time. They had very little control over their schedules. If they wanted to work, then they often had to wake up early and be at the company at a certain time. While some people did not have a problem with that, there are those that wanted to sleep in. Fortunately, there are shared office spaces that are open for 24 hours. This gives people the chance to work at anytime they want. They don’t have to worry about a boss writing them up or firing them.


One of the 24 hour locations is Workville, which offers shared office space all over NYC. One of the great features that come with being at a shared office space is that people are more able to take advantage of all of the different areas in the space. For instance, Workville has three terraces and a couple of cafe lounges that people can rest at. It is almost like a home away from home. Workville is especially good at making people feel at home. When people are more relaxed, they could be more productive as opposed to having a ton of people on their backs.


With Co-working spaces, people have enough respect to focus on their own work no matter what time they come in. They eventually learn when they are most productive. Afterwards, they make sure that they come in at that time so that they can make the most of their productivity. People can also do their work away from the shared office space if they choose. When there is freedom, there is a will to work. People will achieve higher levels of success with the right type of freedom that they can get from the facility.

Keith Mann Helps Graduating High School Seniors in Brooklyn

The education of children has always been a major concern for all people. With education, children have the opportunity to accomplish whatever they want to accomplish in life. Education gives children a way to change their economic and social position. However, there are many children who live in areas where education is lacking in terms of quality. One of the major reasons for this is the lack of money to provide what is needed in the schools that comprise these areas.


There are various ways that children in these areas can receive a quality education. One of the ways is by starting charter schools in these areas. Charter schools provide what the public schools in these areas are not able to provide for the children.


Uncommon Schools is an organization that provides quality charter schools for areas where quality education is lacking because of money issues. Uncommon Schools has a network of charter schools that it runs in a three state area. The schools range from K-12 and serve thousands of children.


In addition to providing quality education for children by running charter schools, Uncommon Schools also tries to help children that go to the schools continue their education beyond high school. Uncommon Schools encourages and helps children to attend college. One of the ways that Uncommon Schools is able to help children attend college is with scholarships provided by people who want to help the children at Uncommon Schools.


Keith Mann is a local businessman in the New York city area where Uncommon Schools has several charter schools. Keith Mann recently started a scholarship for graduating seniors from an Uncommon High School located in Brooklyn. The scholarship can be used to help the graduating seniors pay for college expenses. The value of the scholarship is $5,000.


Keith Mann has his own company that he runs, which is Dynamic Search Partners(DSP). The company is an executive search firm that helps companies find people to fill executive positions in the companies.


Keith Mann has many years of experience in the executive search industry. He has made a name for himself as the owner of Dynamic Search Partners and has a solid reputation in the local business community.

New U.S. Money Reserve Website: A Trove of Information

The U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 with the explicit purpose of providing a resource for the procurement of precious metal investments. Since then they have assisted hundreds of thousands of clients in finding the right investment to diversify and secure their wealth. Earlier this year U.S. Money Reserve announced the launch of their new website filled with numerous features to both educate and assist clients. The website includes a knowledge center, newsroom and Gold Store. The website continues the U.S. Money Reserve’s commitment to excellence.

The new Knowledge Center provides answers to numerous questions about gold and precious metals. There are interesting bits history and informational pages about sets date runs, information about the U.S. Mint where much of our money is made. In another section, you can learn about how precious metals are graded. Additionally, you can find out information about the fascinating life of the director of the U.S. Money Reserve Phillip N. Diehl. Perhaps the most informative page is the “Why Buy Gold” section, helping the consumer understand why gold is an important part of anyone’s portfolio.

Inside the U.S. Money Reserve’s Newsroom, you can catch up on the latest news, not only within the company but also in the precious metal markets. Many of the articles help to inform the reader as to what is happening to the latest gold prices and why. The Newsroom serves to be a truly informative resource for anyone interested in precious metal investing. The information is helpful in guaranteeing you make the best investment possible for your financial future.

Finally, the Gold Store presents many of the U.S. Money Reserve excellent gold investing products. In the store, you can purchase gold and silver coins, certified coins and even precious metal bars, including gold and silver. U.S. Money Reserve’s world renown customer service is now available at your fingertips.

U.S. Money Reserve has continued their pursuit of excellence by establishing a world class website that continues to provide excellent services. It acts to inform and serve both current and future clients by allowing them to gain knowledge and get a better understanding of the importance of gold investments.

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Securus Technologies Receives An A+ Rating From The Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau informed Securus Technologies that the company was given accreditation and an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. As an organization, the Better Business Bureau provides third party information concerning businesses both large and small. The Better Business Bureau is known far and wide by many people as one of the most respected evaluators of business service and performance by third party organizations.


The Better Business Bureau provides the information that it does to help consumers. The information provided by the Better Business Bureau is typically used by consumers to get an opinion of businesses related to customer service and business performance. The fact that the Better Business Bureau is an objective third party gives more weight to the thoughts offered by the Better Business Bureau.


The accreditation and A+ rating that Securus Technologies received from the Better Business Bureau is an indication that Securus technologies is a well ran organization that provides good customer service and is able to complete the work done by the company in a professional manner.


Securus Technologies provides products and services to agencies such as law, corrections, and safety. The company provides a variety of products and services such as emergency help, incident management, investigation, biometric analysis, communication, and information management.


The Better Business Bureau has a level of standards that all businesses must meet to achieve accreditation and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Securus Technologies has shown through its customer service and business performance that the company is worthy of the recognition given to the company by the Better Business Bureau.


Securus Technologies is a company that is showing organizations like the Better Business Bureau that Securus Technologies is a quality company. I feel that accreditation and an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau tells a lot about the level of service provided by Securus Technologies.



Raj Fernando Life and Career

Raj Fernando was born in July 1971 in Denmark, and he was the youngest in a family of three. The family, later on, moved to the United States.Raj Fernando graduated from Beloit College with bachelor’s degree in history and economics. He also attended University College London.

Fernando began pursuing his career while still in college where he joined Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a volunteer. He exchanged various positions at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and later joined Chicago Board Trade where he served from 1991 to 2001.

In 2002 Fernando established Chopper Trading where he acted as the chief executive officer of the company. Chopper Trading is a Chicago-based proprietary trading organization that dealt with fixed income, equities, and various products. Raj as the CEO of the company designed, implemented and also managed various risk managements, trading, monitoring and code security systems.

During this period Chopper Trading traded with various trading firms including Eurex, CME, ICE, and LSE. The company kept thriving, and it was the world’s largest global exchange with around 2500 employees across the globe. In 2015 January, Fernando sold Chopper Trading to another Chicago-based trading firm known as DRW.

In 2016, Fernando founded and launched an internet startup firm where he serves as the CEO and the chairman. Scoutahead is a company designed and implemented to improve professional and corporate growth and productivity using advanced and secure communication systems.

Raj Fernando is also politically active and productive; he is a political participant, donor, and fundraiser. Since 2003 he has made political contributions to various Democratic candidates. In 2008 he fundraised for Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. He also contributed for Obama’s presidential candidature. He has also made various contributions to different political organizations including women count which is a political committee.

Fernando has a passion for giving and supporting philanthropic events. He has funded various agencies including supporting wounded warriors, the Steppenwolf Theatre and big brothers big sisters amongst others.

Fernando sits as a board member of American Security Project; he also serves on the Foreign Policy Leadership Committee, and he is also on Global Affairs at Chicago Council.

The Road to Success with Marc Sparks

Determination, faith and a positive attitude are some of the keys to success. With only a high school diploma Marc Sparks has hit the record of being one of the successful prominent businessmen. He is a serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist. He founded Timber Creek Capital, LP, he is also the CEO of the company. His residential area is in Dallas, Texas.

The sky has been his limit yet he started from scratch. He is mostly associated with telecommunication but also majors in other businesses. He has started and nurtured many businesses. Some of the companies he is involved with include Cardinal Telecom, Blue Jay Wireless and Splash Media.

Marc Sparks also has other qualities apart from being a glamorous entrepreneur. He is a humanitarian, he gives back to the community, they say when you give, many blessings will knock at your door.

His philanthropic efforts have been seen in various projects. He has spent his money in building affordable homes with Habitat, he has supported the American Can! Academy by giving a thousand laptops and lastly he has participated with the Samaritan Inn, a shelter for the homeless since the late 80s to host the needy.

Timber Creek Capital founded by Marc Sparks supports potential entrepreneurs in establishing starting businesses into income producing companies. Every business or company requires enough capital to start off.

Timber Creek Capital ventures into businesses that have a great strategy on how their business will run. Therefore Marc Sparks is a venture capitalist who offers startup money to businesses that appear to have a great future. Office space, required capital, tools, banking, networking and expertise in customer service are some of the opportunities provided by Timber Creek Capital.

Marc Sparks does not believe in failure. The reason he has started so many businesses is due to his great experience and understanding that at some point a business can be challenging, therefore that motivates him to do better. His expertise in the business world is to help such challenging businesses to grow.

Faith, effort, passion and firmness are some of the pillars that have contributed to the rise of Marc Sparks. Every business needs its guidelines to stand out. As a mentor to so many upcoming entrepreneurs, Marc Sparks has some few business guidelines to offer, they include keeping things straight forward, having a business plan always and showcasing something exceptional to the community.

Sparks is recently working on his book titled ‘’They Can’t Eat You’’ it narrates his journey to success. He outlines his challenges and success to entrepreneurship. Success is not only achieved by going to school. His aim is to inspire a thousand of people through his book.

George Soros Clinton Cash Infusion

The legendary trader from New York, billionaire trader George Soros is opening up his wallet for the 2016 presidential election. Soros continues to ramp up donations to the Clinton campaign, with another cash infusion. This recent donation comes on top of the eight million dollar contribution he made in early 2016.

Soros cemented his name in 2016 as a leading political donator to the Clinton Campaign. Soros 2016 contributions have toppled the cash he donated in 2012 to the Democratic Party. Hillary Clinton continues to extend her open door policy with the billionaire trader. Mr. Soros is passionate about policy discussion. One policy in particular stimulated his latest donation spree to Hillary Clinton: Immigration.

Soros dislikes Donald Trump’s immigration policy, and his support for Hillary extends far beyond words. As rhetoric ramps up in 2016, George Soros continues to reinforce his support for the Democratic Presidential nominee by committing cash to defeat Donald Trump.

Soros displayed his commitment to immigration reform with a recent contribution to Immigrant Voters Win. The purpose of this contribution is twofold:

1) Get more Latino voters to the polls
2) Persuade Latino swing voters to support Hillary Clinton

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The contribution comes amidst a perceived enthusiasm gap with voters. Both sides are courting undecided voters heavily. George Soros is utilizing a wise strategy to get immigrant voters fired up to go to the polls.

Demographic shifts provide another piece of the political puzzle. Each year, Latino voters hold more voting power. This power has not gone unnoticed by either side, which is why Mr. Soros ramped up his donations to immigrant voting groups.

Any donation from Soros commands attention from both sides of the aisle. Democrats look to George Soros support as a marker for their campaign success. The more he gives, the more the Democratic base gets energized. The more they get energized, the more they contribute, and not just in dollars. A George Soros contribution sparks a passionate Democratic response.

Republicans keep tally on the billionaire’s donation like hawks watching prey. Mr. Soros wields heavy influence, and Republicans use his contributions on Forbes as a tool to energize their own base.

Michael Vachon, Soros’ political adviser notes the billionaire’s renewed passion for the 2016 election. “This year the political stakes are exceptionally high.” As election season heads into the final weeks, all eyes will be on Soros. Mr. Soros hinted at additional contributions as election day approaches. Buckle up, it’s about to get interesting.