Securus Responds to GTL Briefing

Securus Technologies is a leading provider of communications and security products and services to the correctional facility and prison industries. The company has designed a number of different products that are used in thousands of locations across the United States, each of which are able to make prisons are more efficient and safer place to live, work, and visit. In total, they provide services to over 1,000 facilities, which account for over 100,000 prisoners across the country.


Due to the company’s success in providing these products and services, they are frequently considered an industry leader by their peers. In an attempt to keep up in competition, some of the peers in the industry will take legal steps to slow Securus’s progress. One company, GTL, recently sent out a news briefing that discussed their perspective of an ongoing legal battle between the two companies. Securus reviewed the briefing and had a number of different comments regarding the news briefing.


The first comment was related to GTL’s claim that the Patent Trial and Appeals Board decided to preserve all of GTL’s 55 cliams regarding its video visitation patents. Securus corrected the briefing saying that the Patent Trial and Appeals Board declined to even review the claims challenged. Furthermore, GTL claimed that the Patent Trial and Appeals Board stated that all of the technology used in the products was able to be patented, which Securus denies was even discussed.


GTL also provided comments in regards to the speed of the trial and case saying that they were just months away from a jury trial. Securus clarified that it is very unlikely that the case will ever be heard by a jury and if it is, they will be more than a year away from the commencement of a jury trial.


Smart Lighting – A First Step to Home Automation?

Smart lighting is perhaps the best first step in home automation, as this technology is straightforward, user-friendly, and due to the amount of time its been in the consumer realm, the majority of kinks and bugs have been worked out. If you are hesitant to venture down the home automation road alone, consult a professional, as there are many tech firms that specialize in this field and can help to get you on your way. However, smart lighting can be the perfect way to dip your toe into home automation without getting too overwhelmed.

The evolution from light timers that were physical dials plugged into outlets has been impressive! Now, you can control your home lightingGooee pink logo from your smart phone, or other mobile device. Smart lighting can work on individual bulbs, or upon an entire lighting network, both indoor and outdoor. These networks can be programmed to sense the amount of light needed, the interplay between bulbs, and can also be manually controlled.

Additional features of smart lighting include, monitoring bulb status, scheduling, and some pretty neat special effects. The effects require the use of an app, but they are also quite easy to manage. (Check out IFTTT to get some cool ideas!)

Industrial firm Gooee’s advanced Smart Lighting technology concepts in the commercial space, have greatly contributed to the residential smart lighting space. Their advanceents in LED performance metrics, predictive end-of-life analyis, as well as real-time energy consumption analytics, have created a very strong foundation for the residential smart lighting industry.

IAP Worldwide Expands its Market through Lucrative Acquisitions

Ingenuity and Purpose are two principles that have flown the IAP Worldwide Services flag for the past 60 years. They are a team of bold professionals willing to venture into uncharted waters, making the impossible possible. And now with their recent acquisition of two companies, the future could only get brighter for the franchise offering global-scale logistics, facility management, and high-end professional and technical services.

The journey to success for IAP Worldwide started with a dream. A vision to be a leading solution provider, to businesses in the private and public sectors, in solving daily demanding challenges. By embracing every challenge that comes through their door, they have succeeded in diversifying what they have to offer and at an advanced level.

IAP Worldwide are an industry leader in aviation engineering solutions. They are able to provide engineering, technical and logistic services that help sustain aircraft systems for their clients. One of their biggest clients is the US armed forces where IAP Worldwide has carried out various repair and acquisitions of aircraft parts, implemented aircraft program upgrades, and improved automation of equipment and work stations meant for experimental projects.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services: IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.: Private Company Information

And that’s just a tip of the iceberg; IAP Worldwide is also a heavy investor in IT and communications. They have kept several businesses professionally connected by designing, building and managing expedient communication and IT setups. IAP Worldwide has supplied competitive solutions like cyber system security, IT infrastructure design and management, long haul fibre, data operation centre and extensive solutions around communication and security.

A recent win for IAP Worldwide Services is the acquisition of two businesses involved in the Aviation and IT Communication sector. DRS Technologies is one of the said companies, that is heavily invested in providing management services for aircraft repair, logistics running and mission supports. The second company, Tactical Communications and Network Solutions provides solutions in IT infrastructure, engineering and communication support, with a big client being the U.S. Department of Defense.

With this fresh merger, IAP Worldwide aims to spread its reach wider globally and command an even bigger market. The two companies will be consolidated into one unit, Aviation & Engineering, which will be a department that will reach out to more clients in American soil, and also across the borders.

Wen By Chaz Hair

WEN hair care is one of the most popular brands for women. Their formulation has been hailed for offering women the perfect solution to their hair care needs. The hair care products under the Wen by Chaz are all about being natural. For one, they eliminate the harmful sulfates found in most other hair care products. They leave the hair with a natural glow that leaves all the natural oils in the hair intact. As a result, the hair is easier to manage.

The best part about these hair care products is that they work for all hair types. People with different hair types all report great results. It makes their hair shinier and more firm. As a result, they can go about their lives without any worries of it breaking at the edges. In addition, people who have had trouble using other hair care products loved Wen by Chaz. Most customers who have used this product note that hair color improves greatly.

About Wen by Chaz

The product is the brainchild of Chaz Dean. He is a celebrity stylist who helps most glamorous people in the world look good. After working for many years with other products, he could not help but notice their shortcomings. He knew he had to create something that is good for all the customers he serves. He has been around all types of hair for most of his life. Thus, he was well aware what characteristics his formulation needed to have.

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After working for a while, they finally managed to come with a number of products. Most of them were for hair care. However, they also created a number of products for skin care. The Wen by Chaz products have been a hit with most women. They are one of the most popular products for hair care. Wen hair care products are available on Sephora and eBay online.

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Slyce Brings Visual Search Engine Technology to Major Retailers


Has image recognition technology advanced far enough to make the classic text search box obsolete? Practically everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, and the race is on to develop user-friendly applications that allow the masses to snap a picture and then use it to search. The possible applications from medical screening to improved auto safety features are endless. But the visual search Eldorado is to use image recognition technology to direct online sales to target companies. Slyce Inc. is at the forefront of this research.
How does image technology recognition software work? Just like in social media, images can be tagged with keyword descriptions. These annotations consist of attributes such as color, size or date. Since 2009 many major universities such as Stanford, Princeton, and UC Berkeley have been creating libraries of searchable images. Social media giants such as Google, Facebook and Pinterest have been collecting tagged images from users, creating giant catalogs of images with descriptions. The race is on to create applications capable of reliably searching these image databases.
One Canadian company is proving itself as the leader in visual search engine technology: Slyce Inc. Slyce provides a Universal Scanner application. Much like the classic barcode scanner used in retail, Slyce can scan barcodes and much more. Slyce allows regular smartphone users to scan a picture from a printed retail catalog, just like looking up a word in the table of contents. Slyce doesn’t stop there, the Universal Scanner can analyze real world pictures and propose products with similar characteristics such as color, style or pattern from a provided catalog.
This revolutionary capability replaces clumsy searches on retailers’ websites. Consumers no longer need to check and uncheck boxes or struggle with drop down menus. Slyce is already providing their services to big name retailers such as Home Depot, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstroms. Retailers that cater to younger consumers such as Tilly’s, American Eagle Outfitters, and Urban Outfitters are also clamoring to make their catalog of goods part of Slyce’s purchasing suggestions.
Slyce’s challenge is not with the reliability of its visual search. According to the Wall Street Journal article “Pinterest Takes a Shot at Camera-Search Technology” Slyce is capable of averaging a 92% accuracy rate of image matching from a picture taken on a smartphone with a provided catalog of images. The innovative company is ready for the masses of smartphone users to adopt this new form of image recognition technology as their new search reflex.