Mike Baur the business shark tank

Before rising to fame, Mike Baur served as a banker in the Swiss Private Banking. His leadership qualities also saw him clinch the top managerial seat. Twenty years in the banking and finance industry has given him a good chance to practice his dream profession. The knowledge he acquired over the years and the love for business prompted him into practice. Starting an ICT company at an early age of thirty-nine years has also enticed him into investing in the youths. His capabilities remain a hail for the good work to his training institutions. He is a double MBA holder from the Universities of Rochester in New York and Bern.

Just as the assumed title, Mike Baur has turned out as one of the luckiest shark tanks in the business world. He has built an excellent reputation in the corporate sector. He is the co-founder of the Swiss START UP Factory (SSUF) and also the partner managing director. Due to his full recognition, he has been hailed by many business entrepreneurs as their idol. Many events and business seminars have highlighted him as a mentor. Coaching young business entrepreneurs, opening investment networks for other investors and providing channels to mass entrepreneurial spaces are all facilitated by him. He is a reference for the many business partners who seek accounting and financial advice. His business success is depicted through his company’s financial independence. Unlike many firms who seek financial support, (SSUF) is a privately financed organization.

The well-established companies find employees all over Switzerland and the globe at large. Useful links to the well-established accelerator programs make this possible. The success of the Swiss START UP Factory is tied to the help of this think-tank man. He guides and advice a range of activities from business treaties, for instance, the partnership between CTI Invest and Swiss Ventures. To facilitate the growth of other industries, Mike Baur has guided real conventions being a stroke. The Swiss, after holding a very positive accelerator program in the launch year 2014, it plans another big event in the year 2016. The go down is thought to be in association with a Geneva-based Fintech-accelerator Fusion. The collaboration would expand on the activities that were offered previously in the similar event. For all the help and developments experienced within the Swiss atmospheres thanks to Mike Baur.

New York’s Real Estate Boom Continues Skyward

New York City is famous for its amazing real estate. Tourists who travel to New York marvel at the amazing sites they come across. Even those who have been following the Big Apple’s real estate investment scene consistently become stunned at new developments. Incredibly huge real estate deals are always emerging in the New York region. The Real Deal published an article on the top 10 upcoming projects soon to come to fruition. They are impressive and worth millions upon millions.

43 West 47 Street is one of the “smaller” projects as it focuses on the building of a 17-story office building. A two-towers project on 28-10 Queens Plaza South is going to reach 27 stories. The cost of this project is going to be well over $600 million. In the Bronx, on the 2900 block of Park Avenue, a grand plan for a 154-unit residential complex is in motion. Omni New York is running the project. The finished result should be impressive.

Projects of this nature are, obviously, huge ones. A firm like Town Residential has to be called upon to handle very serious deals. Buyers and sellers of exquisite New York real estate would benefit from this established company’s help. Renters should look towards Town Residential for assistance with any NYC apartments for sale. The firm can handle high-end rental deals and arrangements as well.

Those interested in learning more about real estate and Town Residential are advised to look over issues of My Town, a magazine the firm published. Of course, calling the company’s offices to discuss buying, selling, or renting with one of the many experienced and skilled professionals working under Town Residential’s roof.

The world of New York real estate is vast. Town Residential can help anyone who wishes to become part of it.

George Soros Speaks Out

Money tends to make a lot of noise. Such is the case with investor George Soros. One of the world’s richest men thanks to his canny investments, Soros has again come out from the shadows. He has stepped up lately, according to an article on CNN, to speak out in this highly busy political season. While a native of Hungary, Soros has also taken an interest in many countries around the world. This includes the United Kingdom where he was an outspoken critic against Brexit or exiting from the European Union. It also includes the United States where he has chosen to make his voice heard and his viewpoints known. As those in America start to head towards the conclusion of an election cycle on Investopedia, he is right there with them both as a participant in the election as someone who has chosen to donate a lot of money to one party.

Donating Funds

Soros is someone who has amassed a large fortune. His money was made by correctly predicting the fall of the British pound in the mid-1990’s. By betting against it, he was able to see his own stock rise. In the aftermath of his decision to bet against the pound, George Soros has continued to see his own stock rise in the United States and Europe. His latest foray has been one into the world of politics where he is a much sought after speaker and pundit. Many people find it useful to listen to his thoughts on the matter. Perhaps less surprisingly, many of those running for office also find it helpful to get funding from him. This is very much the case with one of the major parties in the United States. The Democrats have turned to him for help in this particular election cycle.

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Helping The Dems

In particular, George Soros has been a major supporting of Democratic party nominee Hillary Clinton. He has donated over twenty-five million dollars to her campaign alone, making him one of the largest of all donors to her campaign and one of the largest donors to any party in the entire United States. While Soros watches from Europe, he also keeps a close eye on conditions in the United States. Certain issues in this presidential campaign are issues that he feels strongly about and wishes to see implemented. Soros is of the opinion that Donald Trump, the nominee of the Republican party, is someone who will not be a good fit for the needs of the United States and the good of the entire world. Soros has decided that it makes sense for him to speak out against Trump’s candidacy and in favor of electing Democrat Hillary Clinton to office instead.

Emily McClure loves Wen by Chaz

Chaz Dean is an incredibly popular stylist. For his entire career, Chaz has sought to help women feel beautiful and confident. He has revolutionized the hair care world from the comfort of his salon, but lately, Chaz has wanted to help women around the world feel more confident. Recently, Chaz unveiled an amazing hair care product. Wen hair by Chaz is supposed to change the way people think about hair care. This Sephora advertised product is supposed to add volume to your hair, while also giving it a clean look.
Stylists around the world have recommended Wen hair by Chaz. They know that Chaz Dean is an incredible stylist and they trust his product. While stylists are extremely confident in Wen by Chaz, many women remain skeptical. Haircare products have a tendency to fail, so women have a right to be skeptical. Many women have tried multiple products, only to see no positive results. Recently, Bustle decided to get to the bottom of the Wen by Chaz trend.

Bustle is an incredibly popular media outlet, especially with millennials. They cover many different subjects, including politics, celebrity culture, and beauty. The company is known for approaching each subject with brutal honesty, and most people trust their opinion. They decided to have Emily McClure, a top reporter, investigate Wen by Chaz.

Emily is beautiful and successful, but her hair has always bothered her. Getting her hair to stay clean, straight, and voluminous was seemingly impossible, so she was skeptical about Wen by Chaz’s promises. After trying Wen for a week, she was sold. Her hair had a beautiful shine, and her relatives and friends would regularly compliment her on her appearance. She wholeheartedly recommends the product to anyone that will listen. Read, http://www.wen.com/before-after.html.

Wen hair by Chaz is growing in popularity because it works. Bustle believes everyone should try the Total Beauty product.