Michael Zomber is Extremely Knowledgeable

Japanese culture is growing in popularity throughout the country. Americans love watching Japanese movies, cartoons, and reading Japanese literature. Many films and books are looking to capitalize on the growth in popularity of Japanese culture by incorporating elements of Japanese history and culture into their work. One great author has put wonderful effort into learning Japanese culture and regularly shares his knowledge with his readers.

Michael Zomber has long been an expert on antique arms and armor from around the world. He has contributed to several History Channel television shows. While he is an extremely well-known expert on armor, he specializes in understanding Japanese history, particularly Japanese swords. He feels that these swords have contributed heavily to Japanese history and he has become a valuable asset to many films. More than a dozen films have brought him on as a writer to ensure that the film is historically accurate.

Zomber is extremely proud of his work as a consultant on several films and books, but he is even prouder of his own work. Zomber has written several amazing books, which have received great reviews. Jesus and the Samurai is an excellent book from Michael Zomber that analyzes the virtues of the samurai and compares them to those of Jesus Christ. This book gives great insight into the religious views of the Japanese people. Another book, Shogun Iemitsu tells the story of two young samurai. This book gives a ground-level perspective on life as a samurai, while also allowing the reader to learn more about Japanese armor and weaponry. Zomber is proud of every work he has released, but he is even more proud of his documentary film.

Soul of the Samurai is a documentary film from Michael Zomber. He wanted a way to pass his knowledge of the samurai down to other people. Zomber worked with several other Japanese history experts and his beautiful film gives insight into the history of Japan’s warrior class and into the weapons they work with every day. Zomber is proud of this film, and the film received critical acclaim from several historical societies. He hopes to build on the success of the film and to release several new projects in the near future.

Japanese history is filled with interesting stories, and Hollywood is looking to bring these stories to life. One major asset that Hollywood should look to in the future is Michael Zomber.  Check out Michael’s documentary on Bushido online.