Explaining How George Soros Broke the GBP

George Soros is widely known today for his expertise in investing and incredible success as a businessman. This success has left him with one of the most massive personal fortunes in the world. In fact, George Soros is now one of the thirty richest individuals in the world. While there is plenty of talk about George Soros in the mainstream media, very few people have actually taken the time to learn the story behind one of Soros’ most famous trades in his early career. ValueWalk just released a story on Soros’ famous trade.

The day that George Soros became an international investment phenomenon was September 17, 1992, which is referred to as “Black Wednesday.” The trade involved the position of Great Britain’s currency and George Soros’ ability to bet against its value. George Soros’ ability to foresee what would happen to the currency once it was floated on the exchange earned him billions of dollars along with a new title, “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England.” This all came about because once Britain floated the pound, it instantly fell about 25 percent against the U.S. Dollar. At that time, Soros’ Quantum Fund had an estimated $15 billion ready to bet that Great Britain’s currency would fall once it was floated on the exchange. Soros had literally bet it all on this currency trade and could have lost billions. The fund was entirely leveraged and engaged in widespread borrowing to make its position possible at exactly the right time. On the government’s end on www.georgesoros.com/, a failure to raise interest rates and plan for a potential currency rate drop cost the government of Great Britain an estimated £3.4 billion.

Based on the successful position of the Quantum Fund as the British Treasury almost tanked, the hedge fund grew instantly. Although the hedge fund was valued at around $15 billion before the famous trade, it was immediately worth an estimated $19 billion after. Several months after the trade, the fund grew to an impressive $22 billion. This was truly the starting point of how Soros grew his massive personal fortune. Given that the managers of the hedge fund were entitled to about 20 percent of the incredible growth, George Soros was able to earn his first billion literally overnight from this trade. Because Soros was able to replicate his wise investment strategies, his fortune has continued to grow. He is also widely consulted for his opinion on the state of international markets.

Soros is now known for his philanthropy just as much as his investment success. Through the Open Society Foundations on http://topics.wsj.com/person/S/george-soros/209, Soros works to promote free societies and accountable governments all around the world. Soros is also very involved in progressive causes and supporting liberal political campaigns through generous donations.

Why Beneful Food Varieties are Beneficial to Pets

The type of nourishment given to pets goes a long way in determining their liveliness and ultimately, their health. This highlights the need for pet owners to feed their animals on nutritive and healthy pet food, which will guarantee their general wellbeing.Purinastore Beneful dog foods offer the perfect nutritional blend to pooches. This is enough reason for pet lovers to choose them. The following is a breakdown of some of the nutriments produced under the Beneful brand.
a) Beneful Brand Baked Delights

These are dog treats by Beneful, which are tenderly crafted before getting baked over an oven. This process gives the end product a delightful taste and texture. The product is often availed in flavors that are favored by the pets. These flavors include bacon, peanut butter, cheese and beef. It is also available in a range of textures. Owners can choose from tasty dog cookies or crunchy, airy crackers. The tasty nature of the food comes from the fact that it is made using whole grains, nutritional additives and omega-rich components. See, https://www.beneful.com/products/dog-treats/.

b) Alpo Meals

These feeds come in different varieties meant to benefit dogs at different stages of their lives. Wet Alpo meals are made using fresh ingredients such as lamb, gravy, beef, chicken and vegetables. These ingredients give the end product diverse flavors. There are also dry meals, which energize the pets and keep them lively throughout the day. Alpo meals have a high nutritional value.

c) Mighty Dog

This product has a special formula, which is specifically meant to meet the nutritional requirements of young dogs. It is enriched with a high level of proteins, which helps in providing the dogs with nutrients needed to keep them healthy and active. It has been made available on Wal-Mart in grounded, sliced and heartily chopped form, which makes it easier for dogs of different ages to feed on them.

d) Moist and Meaty

The product comes in an assortment of nutriments and treats. Owners who feed their pets on this product have the benefit of seeing their dogs grow healthier because the constituent used is mainly real meat. Its availability in different flavors has also made it a favorite among pet owners.

Top Reasons why Manse on Marsh is Rated the Best Assisted Living Community in California

The Manse on Marsh is a premier independent and assisted living facility located in San Luis Obispo. The facility has received several awards for its services. One reason why this facility stands out is its exceptional services to the elderly. The residents have different housing and dining options to choose from depending on their budget and needs. Residents can opt to live in apartments, cottages or companion suites. All rooms have Cable TV and Wi-fi. The Manse on Marsh realizes the need for companionship among the residents. Hence, the facility allows guests to attend meals and spend a night with the residents. Residents can also bring their favorite pets.

Another reason why this facility is top rated is its commitment to satisfying its community. The Manse on Marsh conducts regular surveys to determine the needs and level of satisfaction among residents. Considering the needs of the residents enables the facility to provide an exceptional experience to them. Visitors to the facility agree that the environment and team are very friendly. The facility has hired competent chefs to prepare and serve quality meals. Some rooms have kitchens and kitchenettes where residents can prepare their meals.

The Manse on Marsh also stands out because of the tons of activities that residents enjoy. ManseBlog tells how the facility has enough activities and recreational options to keep residents busy all day. Some of these activities include yoga, music, fitness, games and book clubs. Residents can attend lectures and religious services or follow their favorite programs and sports in the TV rooms. The facility organizes occasional trips to give its community a change of environment. They enjoy hiking trails and are allowed to host parties at the facility.

The community in San Luis prefers The Manse on Marsh to other facilities because of the affordable rates. The fees are lower compared to other facilities in the county. The facility is located on a busy street, and hence, it is easily accessible. Manse on Marsh does not overcharge its residents for the quality services. Residents pay monthly rent based on their accommodation package and fees for any specialized care given. The facility accepts residents with special needs and charges a reasonable fee to provide the care they require.

The financial guidance and health at the facility make The Manse on Marsh a premier facility for assisted living. The facility offers quality medical services to residents. The elderly require reliable and quality medical care because many of them suffer chronic illnesses. Sometimes families choose to enroll their senior members to assisted living facilities so that they can receive the specialized they require. Manse on Marsh recognizes this need and provides the best medical care to the residents. In addition, the facility offers financial guidance to ensure that residents can afford a quality life in their senior years. The guidance covers VA benefits and assistance in selling any property.  Check out their latest YouTube video, for an outline on all of the amenities offered by The Manse on Marsh.

Madison Street Capital Excels In Mergers And Acquisitions

When CEO Charles Botchway left his position as the Vice-Chairman and Managing Director of Houlihan Smith & Company, he didn’t realize how quickly Madison Street Capital would grow. The Chicago-based Madison Street Capital has carved a nice niche for itself in the merger and acquisition industry, but the company also specializes in corporate restructuring. Botchway is considered an expert when it comes to putting global deals together. Even though Madison Street is a U.S. based Company, the team at Madison Street travels around the world putting medium size companies together and forming one profitable corporation.

Madison Street Capital has offices in Europe, Africa, and Asia so the executive team under the direction of COO Anthony Marsala can process merger information quickly. Information and timing are critical in the merger and acquisition world. One of Marsala’s specialties is finding companies in other countries that are compatible with medium and small size America corporations. Once the merger is complete Madison Street helps it clients develop cost-cutting strategies as well as marketing concepts that can assist them during the transition. Some of Madison Street’s current clients are Bond Medial Group Inc., Central Iowa Energy LLC and Fiber Science Inc.

The recent announcement that Dean Foods was purchasing Friendly’s Ice Cream’s wholesale and retail operation is an example of the kind of mergers and acquisitions that Madison Street Capital likes to put together. The Dean Foods/ Friendly’s Ice Cream acquisition is a $155 million deal. In today’s merger and acquisition world, that’s not considered a big merger, but it is an important one for Dean Foods. The acquisition of Friendly’s Ice Cream will add approximately $0.06 per earning per share to the stockholders.

Charles Botchway and Anthony Marsala have developed an acquisition strategy that puts Madison Street Capital in a special league. Acquiring a company takes research, an incredible amount of planning, and an executive team that understands both the company being acquired and the firm that is doing the acquiring. Madison Street Capital’s team are specialists that make the transition from two companies to one as painless as possible.

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Michael Zomber is Extremely Knowledgeable

Japanese culture is growing in popularity throughout the country. Americans love watching Japanese movies, cartoons, and reading Japanese literature. Many films and books are looking to capitalize on the growth in popularity of Japanese culture by incorporating elements of Japanese history and culture into their work. One great author has put wonderful effort into learning Japanese culture and regularly shares his knowledge with his readers.

Michael Zomber has long been an expert on antique arms and armor from around the world. He has contributed to several History Channel television shows. While he is an extremely well-known expert on armor, he specializes in understanding Japanese history, particularly Japanese swords. He feels that these swords have contributed heavily to Japanese history and he has become a valuable asset to many films. More than a dozen films have brought him on as a writer to ensure that the film is historically accurate.

Zomber is extremely proud of his work as a consultant on several films and books, but he is even prouder of his own work. Zomber has written several amazing books, which have received great reviews. Jesus and the Samurai is an excellent book from Michael Zomber that analyzes the virtues of the samurai and compares them to those of Jesus Christ. This book gives great insight into the religious views of the Japanese people. Another book, Shogun Iemitsu tells the story of two young samurai. This book gives a ground-level perspective on life as a samurai, while also allowing the reader to learn more about Japanese armor and weaponry. Zomber is proud of every work he has released, but he is even more proud of his documentary film.

Soul of the Samurai is a documentary film from Michael Zomber. He wanted a way to pass his knowledge of the samurai down to other people. Zomber worked with several other Japanese history experts and his beautiful film gives insight into the history of Japan’s warrior class and into the weapons they work with every day. Zomber is proud of this film, and the film received critical acclaim from several historical societies. He hopes to build on the success of the film and to release several new projects in the near future.

Japanese history is filled with interesting stories, and Hollywood is looking to bring these stories to life. One major asset that Hollywood should look to in the future is Michael Zomber.  Check out Michael’s documentary on Bushido online.

Talk Fusion CEO Mr. Reina Gives Back To Society

Bob Reina is one of the most famous online marketers who have been dedicating most of his work for the success of the business owners. Reina has many areas of specialization including being a relationship marketer and also a police officer. Mr. Bob is also concerned with the social well being of the American citizens. He recently donated $1 million dollars to the Tampa Bay Humane Society.


He currently acts as the head of Talk Fusion, a company that offers video marketing solutions at a global level. Reina also graduated with a bachelor’s degree in criminology. Bob Reina is also well known for his birthday party that came as a surprise to many at Maui. Reina also received video emails from investors around the world wishing him a happy birthday.


Talk Fusion as an online marketing company was started to make the business owners dreams gets achieved. This company offers services such as video emailing, providing video market solutions, and video chatting. Talk Fusion Company has made it possible for investors and business owners to carry out businesses regardless of their location.


According to a liberation made by Talk Fusion Company, it is easy and affordable for companies and corporations to connect without experiencing any tariffs. This company has helped many businesses and enterprises expand within a short span of time. Promotion process of products is made easy with the Talk Fusion video marketing solutions.


Many companies have been inspiring to hold live meetings with their clients, a solution that has been offered by this company. Bob Reina depicts that the ability of a company to prosper lies with the business owners. Understanding basic marketing principles is one of the steps towards success according to him. Strategist Bob adds that the combination of company marketing and ideas generation leads towards success.


Talk Fusion has resulted in the success of many entrepreneurs such as Allen Milton, who conducts live meetings to make press releases, instead of being slowed down by identifying the target location. According to Allen, a live meeting is one of the most vital business tools that enhances live chat between an investor and a company owner.

Learn more: http://blog.talkfusion.com/talk-fusion-gives-back-founder-ceo-bob-reinas-1-million-donation-continues-to-make-headlines/


Madison Street Capital Produces the Top Executive

The entry of Madison Street Capital in the investment banking industry has significantly shaped and increased access to investment banking services in America, Asia, and Africa. The firm provides excellent services to its clientele hence offering efficient and practical solutions to their investment banking needs. Among the services it offers include: corporate financial advisory services, mergers, and acquisitions expertise, valuation services and public and private financial opinions.

Madison offers its services on an international platform; it is guided by the virtues of integrity, excellence, leadership, and service. Based in Chicago, the company serves a broad range of clientele including bond media group Inc., Central Iowa Energy, LLC, and fiber science. Additionally, the firm offers capital restructuring and reorganization, bankruptcy, buyout, private placement advisory services. Also, its customers benefit from business goodwill, intangible asset valuation and fairness and solvency.

The success of Madison Street Capital can be attributed to its chief operating officer Anthony Marsala. In a recent evaluation by one of leading organization evaluating finance professionals, Mr. Marsala scored highly as one of the most successful investment professionals below the age of 40. This was reached after a thorough evaluation of all successes and accomplishments that Mr. Marsala has had in his finance career as an investment banker.

The criteria applied by the evaluating firm covered several aspects of Mr. Marsala’s career. He was rated highly regarding visionary leadership and outstanding performance. It is good to note that Mr. Marsala emerged as the most outstanding financial professional among 100 other professionals proving that indeed he is arguably the best. The criterion for determining the top finance professional was very comprehensive. Anthony Marsala’s journey to the top started when he studied and specialized in finance.

Having obtained a degree in finance, Mr. Marsala started his career by working and participating in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and consultancy. Having acquired vast experience in finance and investment banking, he began his investment banking firm that would be Madison Street Capital. The company grew to be among the leading and reputable investment banking firms, offering investment banking services globally.

Anthony Marsala worked diligently and built his company’s reputation making it certainly one of the most established investment companies in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Madison Street Capital becomes the top company in providing mergers, acquisitions; business valuation and making mergers with other companies provide services and products on a wider scale.

Through his efforts, Anthony Marsala has enabled many firms in the field of agriculture, biotechnology, technology, food, medical and pharmaceutical companies achieve maximum financial potential. Owing to the success of Madison Street Capital in the area of investment banking, Mr. Marsala has displayed exceptional excellence, visionary leadership and a practical approach to financial investment solutions making him the best.

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Yeonmi Park’s Story Of Bravery And Strength

Recently, Reason.com released a story about a courageous young woman named Yeonmi Park, who has come out to tell her story of escaping from North Korea. In her Amazon released book, “In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom, Park details the arduous obstacles she overcame, which has become an inspiration to human rights activists all over the world.

In the book, Yeonmi Park speaks of the oppressive regime in North Korea and the starvation of the masses. There was not nearly enough food to go around, and she often ate insects and plants to fill the void. In addition, she and all other citizens were not free to speak about the oppression while still in the country. So her family made the decision to escape to China when she was just thirteen years old.
With the help of a trafficker, she and her mother did escape to the Chinese border across a frozen river in the middle of the night. However, the trafficker sold her mother as a bride-slave and took Yeonmi as a mistress. The years that followed were very difficult, but Yeonmi and her mother did make it to New York and reunited with the rest of the family, where they now reside. She then realized a whole new life with plenty of food and the freedom to speak about North Korea.
She ended up writing the aforementioned book and became an activist, speaking all over about what goes on in North Korea today. Propaganda has since come out of North Korea, attempting to discredit Yeonmi and her story, but she remains strong in trying to bring awareness to the world. To read the entire article about Yeonmi Park’s story, head over to Reason.com.