Stephen Murray Association with CCMP Capital

Murray born on August 2, 1962, was a private equity investor. Having graduated with a degree in economics from Boston College, he went further with his education and got a master’s degree in Business Administration from Columbia Business School. He was the chief executive officer of CCMP Capital a private equity firm dealing with equity transactions and buyout. Stephen was also a philanthropist who supported charity organizations such as the make a wish foundation and the food bank of lower Fairfield County. He can be best described as a key man clause for the revenue of three billion six hundred million that Stephen Murray CCMP Capital Investors three LP fund that was raised in the year 2015. By being a key man, his death resulted in his firm being restricted from doing new deals until all the investors unanimously determine the direction the company would take.

CCMP Capital Investors mainly deal in upper middle market companies. The firm specializes in buyouts and the growth of equity. Key sectors where the firm invests include consumer retail, telecom media, healthcare, infrastructure, industrial and in the sector financial services. Within the consumer retail services, it focuses on products such as direct marketing, consumer packaged goods and the service industries. With their specialization in areas of interests, the firm focuses on consumer, trade publishing content, cable and wireless communication services in the media and telecom sector. This strategic target helped the company achieve higher profits.

CCMP previously founded as Chemical Venture Partners in nineteen eighty-four has grown from a venture capital arm of a chemical bank into a capital investment bank. The firm changed its name to Chase Capital Partners after the Chemical’s acquisition by the Chase Manhattan Bank. CCMP has over the years changed its names to suit its needs and to factor in the environment. With the integration of private equity organizations, the name changed to JP Morgan Partners. With the name, they went on to acquire Bank one that already had its equity investment group. The equity platform allowed for the spinning out of JP Morgan Chase forming CCMP an acronym for all the names of the company. Stephen Murray on Linked In helped in co-founding CCMP after the splitting, and they made investments in leveraged buyout, venture capital, and growth capital.

With the death of Stephen Murray reported by Wall Street, the firm’s chairman Greg Brenneman is taking the role of the CEO while the company is still undergoing the process of looking for a permanent one. Stephens’s responsibilities have been spread out across the organization to help in the continual of the business. Through active management and the powerful impact that equity investment has, CCMP Capital team has established a world-class reputation as the best investment partner.