The Secret to Eucatex Is Flavio Maluf

Eucatex Company was founded in 1951, in the heart of Brazil land. It is categorized under the manufacturing industry. It is also involved in its marketing of the products that it produces. It is also known as the Panel factory and its operations in the year 1954 in Salto. It produces insulators and lining from Eucalyptus wood fibers. The same company also does marketing of the same products. The business evolved enormously as they increased production of various products. They are involved in supplying to furniture manufacturers, large industrial constructions and packaging industries that require furniture related products.

Brazil as a country has been faced with a terrible economic crisis that has rendered operations for most companies impossible. It has been in recession since last year, and the government seems overwhelmed. Only companies like Eucatex seem to be doing well in this hard run. It is a fact that highlights the importance of well-run corporations in the emerging market. The crisis has been blamed on a government that has failed to control inflation and has been mired in corruption scandals.

Flavio Maluf, an entrepreneur, is the eldest son of Paulo Maluf, a senior politician in Brazil. Flavio is the current president of Eucatex Company family business, and he has the great experience making him lead the company in the best manner. He is fifty-four years of age, married to one wife Jacqueline Maluf and he was born in Sao Paulo. He has an education background; he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from FAAP in Brazil. His skills give him the technological expertise that assists the company to excel in its operations.

He is so passionate with the influence of technology in business and speaks about technology in most places that he speaks. He believes that technology can make a change in the world. Parents should encourage their children to embrace the same so that skills and other devices can be produced to aid the growth of the economy.  He’s also well known for his commentary on major financial issues.  He’s also started a video series dedicated to helping up and coming entrepreneurs.

Currently, the company has enormously expanded, and it specializes in the construction sector and furniture industry. It has opened new three sophisticated factories in Salto County, in the state of Sao Paulo specializing in the mass production of Plates, Varnishes, and Paints. The company has a Forestry Unit, which has tree nurseries to preserve the environment. The output is also supplied to overseas countries too.  Check out Flavio Maluf’s full bio to learn about what he’s done for Eucatex, and where they will forge ahead for the economy.