Brad Reifler: The Making of a Business Empire

When a person foregoes the traditional path of work and instead forge out on their own to become an entrepreneur, it is a time filled with apprehension. Yet some people, armed with self-confidence and a knowledge of the field in which they are entering, achieve levels of success far beyond that of many other people. One of those who has achieved unbelievable success is Brad Reifler, who for the past several decades has been writing one success story after another. As an entrepreneur and investor, Brad has created a business empire that makes even the wealthiest people sit up and take notice.

As a young man in the 1980s, Brad knew he was not going to follow a traditional path like that of so many others. Rather than choosing to work for others, Brad instead opted to form his own company. Thus, Reifler Trading Company was created and immediately began to show signs it was indeed something special. Using a variety of unique business tactics, many of which covered on Reuters, including global advisory services and institutional research, Brad built RTC into one of the world’s largest futures operations companies. In fact, when he sold the company in 2000 to Refco Inc., it was considered to be perhaps the largest company of its kind in the world.  Bloomberg shows that led to tons of great advisory roles for him as well.

After this kind of incredible success, many people would choose to sit back and relax. However, Brad is no ordinary person. Realizing there were still many more challenges ahead of him in the business world, he decided to begin from scratch and start a second company. Thus, Pali Capital was founded in 1995, and like RTC quickly became one of the business world’s most inspiring successes. While at Pali, Brad began to hone his skills in strategic planning and sales, and his efforts paid off in some very big ways. After developing sales strategies that emphasized credit analysis and derivative structures, he and his sales team went to work in an effort to be the best. Using these strategies and a personal approach with each client, Brad and his team eventually earned well over $1 billion for Pali, which at that time was an amazing amount of money for a financial services firm the size of Pali.

As he continues to create a business empire that’s unlike any ever known, Brad will continue to use his talents to help others as well as develop new and exciting business ideas.  Brad’s official website has more about his career.