Two foundations was banned by Russia

Originally announced in Fortune magazine:
Two foundations that George Soros established was banned by Russia recently. The foundations are The Open Society Foundation and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation. Russia does give a reason for the ban. They say the foundations are hurting their security, and they go against their constitution. There could be another reason for the ban. Russia and Ukraine has been at odds with each other. George Soros had been asking Europe to put the Ukraine issue upfront and he was wanting for them to send more relief to the Ukrainian people. The Foundations are puzzled by this ban because according to them they have helped Russia, not hurting them. Back in 1979,George Soros started the Open Society Foundation to help South Africans get scholarships. Presently George has many foundations that assist in many pressing issues around the world. Source:

Also originally announced on CNBC:
The banning was not enough for Russia, there was a college library that burned 53 books that was associated with George Soros’ foundations. Along with those 53 books, there were 427 books that were destroyed. Russia’s reason behind the book burning and book destroying was because the books was giving a different point of view of Russia to people. Source:<ahref=url>

According to the Open Society Foundation website, George Soros is an extraordinary man. He had sent copiers to the Eastern Bloc in the 1980’s so they can print documents that were forbidden. He also promoted critical thinking by investing in an university called Central European University. With his foundations, he has given assistance to paralegals and lawyers who help people who are wrongfully accused. Through his foundations, he also brought to light issues dealing the Roma people. He provided education to the Roma people. Source:<ahref=url>

As stated on his website and Bloomberg, George was born in 1930. He fled the Nazi takeover in Hungary in 1947. George went to England to escape Hungary. He is alumni of London School of Economics. George began a hedge fund called Quantum Fund when he moved to the United States. In 2011, his foundations had investments of 835 million. Also in 2011, George stated that he was going to change the Soros Fund Management to a family affair and give money back to the outside investors. George has written many books, articles, and essays. His articles and essay are featured in many newspapers and magazines around the world.
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