Igor Cornelsen Gives Investors A Few Heads Up On Brazilian Investments

Igor Cornelsen is an accredited investor that is considered to be an expert in Brazilian investments. Cornelsen has successfully invested in Brazil, when most investors were hesitant to enter the Brazilian markets. Igor Cornelsen’s approach is one of caution, patience and long term strategy. Brazil abounds in opportunity for the wise investor, but like any investment you must look beyond immediate results and see a long term plan unfolding or else you will fail.

Mr. Cornelsen has amassed a fortune through his investments in Brazil. He has become an expert figure not only on Brazilian investments and the Brazilian economy, but as a highly respected figure in the broad world of stock marketing investing. Igor Cornselsen on flickr has started his own “stock market investing” firm where he coaches up and coming investors who want to know the in and out of the investment game. Mr. Cornelsen also does consulting work, where he advises clients be they independent investors or institutional investors working for firms on how to better manage their assets.

Igor Cornelsen has several strategies and tips for investors looking to enter the Brazilian market for the first time. He also shares some general tips that will benefit the investor wherever he invests in. Igor Cornelsen’s first tip for any investor in Brazil or China or anywhere else is to view investing as a long term game, not a short term game where profits are immediate. Focusing on only the present and fast and big returns spells disaster for the investor. Such an approach leads to poor decisions with lack of insight, and makes investors more likely to cheat. Take Bernie Madoff for example. His desire for quick and easy returns with little thought for the future culminated in his imprisonment and the largest Ponzi scheme in history. A long term approach is the approach that all investors in the stock market should have if they wish to be successful and in the game for a long time.

Specifics to keep in mind when investing in Brazil include paying close attention to foreign currency restrictions. Currency exchanges and foreign currency transactions can be tightly regulated and restricted. Make sure you comply with the rules and have a reliable financial medium in which you could conduct business through. This is especially important if you are a foreigner and not residing in Brazil. It is also important to expect some red tape in Brazil. New regulations can make it difficult to trade and invest in certain companies and sectors. Being aware of new rules and restrictions will give you an edge and allow you to gauge the risk of investments in Brazil. Getting acquainted with native Brazilians is another strategy that Cornelsen advocates. You may get inside knowledge through natives, that otherwise would be unknown to you. Be friendly to natives and strike up a conversation and it may just land you a nice investment opportunity.