Stephen Murray Association with CCMP Capital

Murray born on August 2, 1962, was a private equity investor. Having graduated with a degree in economics from Boston College, he went further with his education and got a master’s degree in Business Administration from Columbia Business School. He was the chief executive officer of CCMP Capital a private equity firm dealing with equity transactions and buyout. Stephen was also a philanthropist who supported charity organizations such as the make a wish foundation and the food bank of lower Fairfield County. He can be best described as a key man clause for the revenue of three billion six hundred million that Stephen Murray CCMP Capital Investors three LP fund that was raised in the year 2015. By being a key man, his death resulted in his firm being restricted from doing new deals until all the investors unanimously determine the direction the company would take.

CCMP Capital Investors mainly deal in upper middle market companies. The firm specializes in buyouts and the growth of equity. Key sectors where the firm invests include consumer retail, telecom media, healthcare, infrastructure, industrial and in the sector financial services. Within the consumer retail services, it focuses on products such as direct marketing, consumer packaged goods and the service industries. With their specialization in areas of interests, the firm focuses on consumer, trade publishing content, cable and wireless communication services in the media and telecom sector. This strategic target helped the company achieve higher profits.

CCMP previously founded as Chemical Venture Partners in nineteen eighty-four has grown from a venture capital arm of a chemical bank into a capital investment bank. The firm changed its name to Chase Capital Partners after the Chemical’s acquisition by the Chase Manhattan Bank. CCMP has over the years changed its names to suit its needs and to factor in the environment. With the integration of private equity organizations, the name changed to JP Morgan Partners. With the name, they went on to acquire Bank one that already had its equity investment group. The equity platform allowed for the spinning out of JP Morgan Chase forming CCMP an acronym for all the names of the company. Stephen Murray on Linked In helped in co-founding CCMP after the splitting, and they made investments in leveraged buyout, venture capital, and growth capital.

With the death of Stephen Murray reported by Wall Street, the firm’s chairman Greg Brenneman is taking the role of the CEO while the company is still undergoing the process of looking for a permanent one. Stephens’s responsibilities have been spread out across the organization to help in the continual of the business. Through active management and the powerful impact that equity investment has, CCMP Capital team has established a world-class reputation as the best investment partner.

Choosing A Competent Attorney in New York City

If you find yourself in a legal dilemma, you need one of the best attorneys you can find. You will need to find an attorney who specializes in the type of case you are dealing with.

Choosing an attorney is not something to be done without research. It is imperative that you do your home work and pick someone who is well known for rendering outstanding service to clients. Although there are many attorneys in the New York City area, providing proficient services to both institutional and individual clients, you need to be aware that not all attorneys render the same level of service.

You can start looking for an attorney by asking friends, relatives and other professionals you come in contact with for recommendations. Attorneys that you or someone you trust knows can be valuable even if their practice is in a different area. Attorneys tend to know other attorneys, and they will be able to know which ones are most reliable.

Schedule a meeting once you have a list of attorneys, and have a consultation with a few of attorneys. Ask whether the attorney has handled your type of case, how he intends to approach the case, how much he charges, and finally ask the attorney to provide you with other pertinent information that they can’t provide right away. If your case needs some research, allow the attorney to perform the necessary research.

Once you have a competent attorney on your side, you can rest assured that you will receive a good representation. That is why you need to consider Ross Abelow – one of the most reputable attorneys in the NY area.

Ross Abelow is a highly successful and reputable attorney with the flair of persuasiveness. Mr Abelow is a New York based attorney, and he has great expertise in Family, Matrimonial and Commercial Litigation Law. He has powerful litigation skills and is well experienced in the field. Many businesses and individuals have relied on his negotiation and litigation skills to obtain favorable results in their respective cases.

Ross Abelow has provided outstanding legal services for many years and is well respected by his peers and clients. He has an extensive list of satisfied clients who keep on using his services whenever they need another legal representation or advice. Mr Abelow strives to obtain the best outcome possible for his clients and has achieved great results.

Read this article on Ross Abelow to learn more:


How Ross Abelow Helps Divorcees and Enternainers from Ross Abelow

The Secret to Eucatex Is Flavio Maluf

Eucatex Company was founded in 1951, in the heart of Brazil land. It is categorized under the manufacturing industry. It is also involved in its marketing of the products that it produces. It is also known as the Panel factory and its operations in the year 1954 in Salto. It produces insulators and lining from Eucalyptus wood fibers. The same company also does marketing of the same products. The business evolved enormously as they increased production of various products. They are involved in supplying to furniture manufacturers, large industrial constructions and packaging industries that require furniture related products.

Brazil as a country has been faced with a terrible economic crisis that has rendered operations for most companies impossible. It has been in recession since last year, and the government seems overwhelmed. Only companies like Eucatex seem to be doing well in this hard run. It is a fact that highlights the importance of well-run corporations in the emerging market. The crisis has been blamed on a government that has failed to control inflation and has been mired in corruption scandals.

Flavio Maluf, an entrepreneur, is the eldest son of Paulo Maluf, a senior politician in Brazil. Flavio is the current president of Eucatex Company family business, and he has the great experience making him lead the company in the best manner. He is fifty-four years of age, married to one wife Jacqueline Maluf and he was born in Sao Paulo. He has an education background; he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from FAAP in Brazil. His skills give him the technological expertise that assists the company to excel in its operations.

He is so passionate with the influence of technology in business and speaks about technology in most places that he speaks. He believes that technology can make a change in the world. Parents should encourage their children to embrace the same so that skills and other devices can be produced to aid the growth of the economy.  He’s also well known for his commentary on major financial issues.  He’s also started a video series dedicated to helping up and coming entrepreneurs.

Currently, the company has enormously expanded, and it specializes in the construction sector and furniture industry. It has opened new three sophisticated factories in Salto County, in the state of Sao Paulo specializing in the mass production of Plates, Varnishes, and Paints. The company has a Forestry Unit, which has tree nurseries to preserve the environment. The output is also supplied to overseas countries too.  Check out Flavio Maluf’s full bio to learn about what he’s done for Eucatex, and where they will forge ahead for the economy.

Brad Reifler: The Making of a Business Empire

When a person foregoes the traditional path of work and instead forge out on their own to become an entrepreneur, it is a time filled with apprehension. Yet some people, armed with self-confidence and a knowledge of the field in which they are entering, achieve levels of success far beyond that of many other people. One of those who has achieved unbelievable success is Brad Reifler, who for the past several decades has been writing one success story after another. As an entrepreneur and investor, Brad has created a business empire that makes even the wealthiest people sit up and take notice.

As a young man in the 1980s, Brad knew he was not going to follow a traditional path like that of so many others. Rather than choosing to work for others, Brad instead opted to form his own company. Thus, Reifler Trading Company was created and immediately began to show signs it was indeed something special. Using a variety of unique business tactics, many of which covered on Reuters, including global advisory services and institutional research, Brad built RTC into one of the world’s largest futures operations companies. In fact, when he sold the company in 2000 to Refco Inc., it was considered to be perhaps the largest company of its kind in the world.  Bloomberg shows that led to tons of great advisory roles for him as well.

After this kind of incredible success, many people would choose to sit back and relax. However, Brad is no ordinary person. Realizing there were still many more challenges ahead of him in the business world, he decided to begin from scratch and start a second company. Thus, Pali Capital was founded in 1995, and like RTC quickly became one of the business world’s most inspiring successes. While at Pali, Brad began to hone his skills in strategic planning and sales, and his efforts paid off in some very big ways. After developing sales strategies that emphasized credit analysis and derivative structures, he and his sales team went to work in an effort to be the best. Using these strategies and a personal approach with each client, Brad and his team eventually earned well over $1 billion for Pali, which at that time was an amazing amount of money for a financial services firm the size of Pali.

As he continues to create a business empire that’s unlike any ever known, Brad will continue to use his talents to help others as well as develop new and exciting business ideas.  Brad’s official website has more about his career.

Two foundations was banned by Russia

Originally announced in Fortune magazine:
Two foundations that George Soros established was banned by Russia recently. The foundations are The Open Society Foundation and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation. Russia does give a reason for the ban. They say the foundations are hurting their security, and they go against their constitution. There could be another reason for the ban. Russia and Ukraine has been at odds with each other. George Soros had been asking Europe to put the Ukraine issue upfront and he was wanting for them to send more relief to the Ukrainian people. The Foundations are puzzled by this ban because according to them they have helped Russia, not hurting them. Back in 1979,George Soros started the Open Society Foundation to help South Africans get scholarships. Presently George has many foundations that assist in many pressing issues around the world. Source:

Also originally announced on CNBC:
The banning was not enough for Russia, there was a college library that burned 53 books that was associated with George Soros’ foundations. Along with those 53 books, there were 427 books that were destroyed. Russia’s reason behind the book burning and book destroying was because the books was giving a different point of view of Russia to people. Source:<ahref=url>

According to the Open Society Foundation website, George Soros is an extraordinary man. He had sent copiers to the Eastern Bloc in the 1980’s so they can print documents that were forbidden. He also promoted critical thinking by investing in an university called Central European University. With his foundations, he has given assistance to paralegals and lawyers who help people who are wrongfully accused. Through his foundations, he also brought to light issues dealing the Roma people. He provided education to the Roma people. Source:<ahref=url>

As stated on his website and Bloomberg, George was born in 1930. He fled the Nazi takeover in Hungary in 1947. George went to England to escape Hungary. He is alumni of London School of Economics. George began a hedge fund called Quantum Fund when he moved to the United States. In 2011, his foundations had investments of 835 million. Also in 2011, George stated that he was going to change the Soros Fund Management to a family affair and give money back to the outside investors. George has written many books, articles, and essays. His articles and essay are featured in many newspapers and magazines around the world.
Sources: <ahref=url>

Igor Cornelsen Gives Investors A Few Heads Up On Brazilian Investments

Igor Cornelsen is an accredited investor that is considered to be an expert in Brazilian investments. Cornelsen has successfully invested in Brazil, when most investors were hesitant to enter the Brazilian markets. Igor Cornelsen’s approach is one of caution, patience and long term strategy. Brazil abounds in opportunity for the wise investor, but like any investment you must look beyond immediate results and see a long term plan unfolding or else you will fail.

Mr. Cornelsen has amassed a fortune through his investments in Brazil. He has become an expert figure not only on Brazilian investments and the Brazilian economy, but as a highly respected figure in the broad world of stock marketing investing. Igor Cornselsen on flickr has started his own “stock market investing” firm where he coaches up and coming investors who want to know the in and out of the investment game. Mr. Cornelsen also does consulting work, where he advises clients be they independent investors or institutional investors working for firms on how to better manage their assets.

Igor Cornelsen has several strategies and tips for investors looking to enter the Brazilian market for the first time. He also shares some general tips that will benefit the investor wherever he invests in. Igor Cornelsen’s first tip for any investor in Brazil or China or anywhere else is to view investing as a long term game, not a short term game where profits are immediate. Focusing on only the present and fast and big returns spells disaster for the investor. Such an approach leads to poor decisions with lack of insight, and makes investors more likely to cheat. Take Bernie Madoff for example. His desire for quick and easy returns with little thought for the future culminated in his imprisonment and the largest Ponzi scheme in history. A long term approach is the approach that all investors in the stock market should have if they wish to be successful and in the game for a long time.

Specifics to keep in mind when investing in Brazil include paying close attention to foreign currency restrictions. Currency exchanges and foreign currency transactions can be tightly regulated and restricted. Make sure you comply with the rules and have a reliable financial medium in which you could conduct business through. This is especially important if you are a foreigner and not residing in Brazil. It is also important to expect some red tape in Brazil. New regulations can make it difficult to trade and invest in certain companies and sectors. Being aware of new rules and restrictions will give you an edge and allow you to gauge the risk of investments in Brazil. Getting acquainted with native Brazilians is another strategy that Cornelsen advocates. You may get inside knowledge through natives, that otherwise would be unknown to you. Be friendly to natives and strike up a conversation and it may just land you a nice investment opportunity.

An Overview of Greg Hague and Real Estate Mavericks

According to an article published on Forbes magazine, Greg Hague has played major role in the residential real estate sector for more than 30 years. Hague, the founder of Real Estate Mavericks, is an entrepreneur based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is also a lawyer, author, and also a law professor. He is best known for shaking real estate industry where he has created a number of real estate companies that are famous across the U.S. Hague noted that the general process of selling residences has not changed over the last 75 years.


According to him, Amazon strategies are not applied when selling real estate. After conducting his research, Hague found out that home sellers are losing between 3-8 percent of the price of the homes due to current inefficiency. People are still using traditional methods where real estate agents are consulted and erects a sign on the property, the home is placed in MLS, a few ads are made, open days are held, and then a buyer is found. Hague thinks this strategy should not be applied in the 21st century, and compares it to a grocer who places a loaf of bread on the shelf.


Hague says it more sophisticated to launch an iPhone costing $500, than to place a home worth $500,000 on the market. He intends to turn things around in this sector using his latest venture, Real Estate Mavericks. This is a real estate coaching firm, where Hague has developed crucial steps and formula that home sellers should follow when placing their property on the market. Real Estate Mavericks will educate home sellers on the process and steps that would increase demand on their property because according to Hague, the value of a property is determined by the time it has stayed on the market.


One of the step contained in the 22-Step Home Launch Formula, is to follow a set sequence before erecting a yard sign and also before placing the home on MLS. The listing agents will use marketing strategies like amazing home at remarkable price coming soon, to attract the attention of potential buyers and increase the demand of that property. Hague says that buyers tend to pay more for homes when they are exposed out there for all to see.


Greg Hague is a real estate expert who has worked in this industry for 35 years. So far he has build several real estate firms that are among the best performers in the United States. Hague is ranked among the top agents dealing in luxury homes. Previously he served at Wall Street Journal as a real estate specialist and has trained more than 10,000 top real estate brokers in the U.S.


Men and their Sharp New Styles

The Trend of the Modern Man
The Business Insider has reported that there is good reasons why the modern man has been dressing better. They have become concerned about the overall fit of their shirts. The modern man is now accessorizing in many new ways. They have even been purchasing belts that match and glasses that can be viewed as cool. The current trend excludes the notion that the average guy cannot dress well. Men do not need to be afraid to look and feel their best.

The Internet has Changed the Way Men Shop
Men have not always taken so much time on their appearance. You may wonder why the modern man is emerging into sharp new styles. The internet has made shopping much more convenient for the well-dressed man. The shopping experience omits the long lines and e-commerce has experienced a large growth. Expect an additional 15 percent projection in this overall growth within the next five years.

Paul Evans Will Change Every Man’s Game
Paul Evans will provide luxury footwear to every modern man. High-end Italian and stylish shoes will change the game when walking into the next business meeting. Every man will enjoy a new and highly distinguished new look and feel. Looking great in a comfortable shoe that is made from the highest quality materials will leave any man feeling satisfied. The game will change with a little help from Paul Evens.

Thinking Ahead an Paul Evens
Paul Evens is one company that thought ahead. Direct-to-consumer and Paul Evens were ahead of the times. E-commerce and convenience led the way. This luxury Italian footwear already knew what their customers desired from a great shopping experience. Great quality with a great price. Combine these items with an exceptional selection and convenience, you will discover that Paul Evans was thinking ahead.

U.S Money Reserve: Is the Penny on Its Way Out?

Philip Diehl, U.S. Money Reserve president, appeared on an interview, CNBC Squawk Box, re the demise of the penny.

There is a debate regarding the use of the penny because no one uses it anymore. People throw them away or store them. Some people are questioning that if the penny is out of circulation, it may cause inflation. Philp Diel does not agree with that argument. Penny lobbyists are the ones who want to keep the penny in circulation. Furthermore, Philip Diel states that only 25% of transactions are in cash, and the remaining 75 % is in electronic form, so only a small amount of sales would be affected by the elimination of the penny. Also, more competition amongst companies would encourage them to increase the penny.

There is an argument that if goods get priced at $4.99, $3.99, and $2.99, the value of the penny will go up, and it gets rounded off. Philip Diehl does not agree. He thinks that the penny could be rounded down, and no one wants to get a customer angry over one cent. Additionally, eliminating the penny does not create a new situation because companies could lower or raise prices regardless. Philip Diehl did agree, however, that if the penny gets eliminated, one will save $105 million dollars annually.

Another argument is that if Philip Diehl is against the penny, shouldn’t he also be against the nickel because it costs more than five cents to make? Philip Diehl states that the nickel is slightly different because they could easily change the composition of the metal to make it more profitable. Conversely, the penny is useless because it has been worthless for the past 25 years.

Philip Diel got asked a question re who benefits by keeping the penny in circulation. He states that the Mint does not produce pennies. The job is outsourced. The mint only stamps coins, bags them, and sends them to the Federal Reserve. It is the zinc lobbyists who want to keep the pennies in circulation because the penny is 97.5% zinc. Moreover, the Illinois Congressional Delegation has been an active supporter of the penny because Abraham Lincoln appears on it.


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Bruce Levenson, Donations, and The Center for Philanthropy

The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership was made possible by seed money from Bruce and Karen Levenson. This Center is located at the University of Maryland, and raises some ten thousand dollars every semester. Altogether, the annual twenty-thousand dollar yield of the center is distributed among nonprofit groups that are deemed worthy of the donation. Basically, Bruce Levenson of UCG is primarily responsible for an organization that is perpetually philanthropic. This was his aim, this has been his hope, and it is his continual joy. According to Karen Levenson, what they’ve done with the center is the “most profound” philanthropic pursuit of either Levenson. The Center seems as though it is poised to succeed, too. It’s already grown enough that a dormitory has been added. As well, prominent nonprofit agencies throughout D.C. regularly recruit from The Center. Organizations such as the Marriott Foundation and the Smithsonian are especially pleased with the leadership and philanthropy acumen undergraduate and graduate students affiliated to The Center achieve. According to many in the nation’s capital, this Center is a leading organization for such training in the country. Many don’t realize that Bruce Levenson is so involved in philanthropy, or so passionate about it. He is best known as the owner of a prominent NBA team. But Bruce has exceptional philanthropic pursuits, and he continues to render such support to agencies of the nonprofit persuasion. According to the PR Newswire article this writing summarizes, The Center has had a national impact, even sending graduate students as far as India.