A Look at Chris Burch’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Every entrepreneur draws inspiration from someone in the industry, whether it’s in leadership or just a family member. An excellent entrepreneurial role model inspires emerging individuals to pursue successful strategies in business. One such person is Chris Burch.


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Describing Burch

Chris Burch is a revered entrepreneur. He has invested in several businesses across the world. Fondly known as the founder of a firm called Burch Creative Capital, he has accomplished a lot as a leader, and dedicated business professional. Also, he has invested resources in different emerging companies including Faena + Universe a hotel in Argentina and ED, a lifestyle brand established by Ellen DeGeneres, refer also to (Elitetraveler.com). In an interview with IdeaMensch, Burch admits that starting Burch Creative was an idea from his curiosity when he noticed that different services required some sense of touch to be presentable to consumers. He used this analogy to help various businesses thereby founding Burch Creative.


The Beginning of his Career

Burch’s career dates to 1976 when he was an undergraduate student at the college of Ithaca. He worked closely with his brother Robert where they started a clothing line called Eagle’s Eye worth $2,000. They bought sweaters at $10 each and sold at $15. Chris Burch would later contract a factory that produced a new apparel line called preppy sweaters. He sold these pieces door-to-door. Within a decade, preppy sweaters expanded to different campuses followed by retail stores. Surprisingly, the company started making $140 million in sales annually. Over the years, Burch has grown his empire by investing in other investor’s businesses. He hopes that this gesture will offer them the chance to sell their brands to more clients.


Investing in Faena

In 2004, Chris Burch worked with the prominent architect Philippe Stark as well as Alena Faena to establish Faena Hotel. The business was worth $100 million. Ten years later, he invested in Faena’s real estate projects called Faena House.


Sunday Riley: Finding Wellness In Skincare

There is no doubt that the hot topic of the hour is skin care. We are now focused on the idea of fresh, healthy, glowing skin as the ultimate beauty accessory. While many people who aren’t completely obsessed with the latest trends in the beauty industry may see this as a recent development, Sunday Riley has been perfecting her skin care formulas since her brand hit the market in 2009.

With a background in cosmetic chemistry and product formulations, Riley knew exactly what the industry had to offer in terms of skincare, and she was just as frustrated with ineffective formulations as everyone else. It was this motivation that lead to the launch of her own brand, based on the idea that formulas that contain only the highest-quality actives would achieve the best results. With the focus placed on development and top-notch formulations, the Sunday Riley brand turned to newer methods to get the word out. By relying on the reach of influencers and word of mouth through social media, Sunday Riley found a loyal audience based on real people with their own skin care success stories.

The price tags for all of Sunday Riley’s popular formulations do reflect the company’s commitment to sourcing the highest quality ingredients for their formulations. A one-ounce bottle of the popular Luna Sleeping Night Oil retails for $105. But brand loyalists swear by the effective results, and the money saving benefits of being able to wear less foundation when they have healthy looking skin. The three-figure price tag can definitely be a stretch for some, but with the brand’s influencer-based marketing infusing all of social media, it’s not hard for consumers to see real life results before they commit to the price.

As the luxury skin care market continues to grow, consumers are inundated with options for actives with clinical sounding names. One almost feels like they need a degree in chemistry to fully understand a regular beauty blog. Sunday Riley is able to take those formulas and make them accessible to people who want great skin without taking the time to become a trained pharmacist.

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The Attractiveness And Significance OSI Industries

The OSI industries particularly process poultry products, bacon, beef, pizzas, cheese, fruits, dough, and seafood. The business company which is located in Aurora, Illinois was founded in the year 1909, and has over 65 operating regions working in 17 nations. OSI specifically engages in distributing, developing, and producing quality food services for its esteemed customers. The employees are devoted, equipped and have the right skills for delivery of foodstuff solutions where they are dedicated to turning ideas into success.

OSI Industries united with Alaska Milk Corporation and General Milling Corporation to form Philippines processing Food Company, and in 2002, the organization ventured in Beijing China. The company has received several prizes concerning management of the environment, health management, and safety hazards. In 2011, OSI was ranked by Forbes as 136 biggest companies whereby it produced $3 billion annually. The OSI Industries are located in West Chicago, Geneva, Chicago, California, Fort Atkinson, and West Jordan. The employees who work in OSI work with maximum collaboration, solidarity, and cooperation for the common good of the Company.

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Also, the leaders and the managers of OSI Industries are guided by the same philosophy and ideology. Effective leadership of creativity, innovation, diligence, solidarity, integrity, and professionalism is treasured by most of the leaders. For a transformative paradigm to take place, employees and their managers must work in harmony. Customer satisfaction is also a noble thing to consider in OSI since most of the customers need attention and want to be provided with the best services.

The leaders and the managers of OSI Industries hate with a passion for working under the influence of mediocrity. Currently, the firm supplies its products to Starbucks, Subway, and Papa John’s Pizza. OSI treasure sustainability as one of the key pillars and that’s why the food giant focuses dearly on the worldwide sustainability of environment to give desirable services to its clients. The leadership management maintains the ecological balance of combating unhygienic conditions which may result in contamination of foodstuff. The firm also encourages uncontaminated air, and harmless surrounding that’s favorable for the clients. OSI provides amazing and awesome services to the clients who are satisfied with what they get, and that’s proved by the feedbacks the firm gets back.

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Jacob Gottlieb Venture in Altium Capital

Jacob Gottlieb Venture in Altium Capital

Jacob Gottlieb is a unique individual who has had some surprising changes in his professional life. The doctor turned journalist was born and brought up in New York. Jacob started his education at the university by studying economics at Brown University where he attained a bachelor’s degree in economics. Immediately he graduated from Brown University he joined the New York University where he received his Master’s Degree from the University Of New York School Of Medicine. Instead of practicing what he learned in the University, the controversial Jacob Gottlieb decided to serve on the Wall Street rather than practicing surgery. Jacob is also among the founders of Visium Asset Management where he also took the role of a CIO for the company until it was closed for some rogue activities that were done by Visium Asset Management’s employees.

Jacob Gottlieb Venture in Altium Capital

After the closure of Visium Asset Management firm, Jacob was able to clear his name by distancing himself from the firm’s actions. Jacob recently ventured into Altium Capital Firm which an investment firm that deals with healthcare issues. Jacob started the firm with a target of providing therapy assistance to patients who are suffering from innumerable diseases. Some of the conditions and diseases that Jacob’s healthcare investment firm shall be dealing with include cancer and diabetes. He started Altium Capital healthcare Investment firm after realizing that several patients were drowning because of lack of forward-thinking therapies especially those who are suffering from some common diseases like diabetes and cancer.

During one of Jacob Gottlieb’s interviews, he was asked about how he was able to remain focused and optimistic beside all the challenges that people face while starting an investment company. He replied by pointing out that the going had been tough in during his first years, but the things had gotten better for the last 2 years and he thanked his friends and family for having his back during his hard times in the business world. He also pointed out that Altium Capital was focused on healthcare investment because it was one of the growing sectors but the firm was also willing to welcome any other investment with great business ideas and strategies.

Unwavering Surgeon, Dr. Shafik Sachedina

Dr. Shafik is a qualified and experienced dentist. He graduated from Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School at the University of London in 1975. Currently, he is the chairperson of the Sussex Health Care Company. Sussex Company provides care to 20 homes and offers quality- care services to people living with specific disabilities to senior citizens. Sussex Company is centered in the Sussex County in South England. Shafik Sachedina works as the leader at Jamati and Ismaili Institutions in Asia and the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN).

His philanthropic works are set upright throughout his voluntary services to many of Europe’s key healthcare services providers. He has also helped in community-related activities. He has worked with the Institute of Ismail Studies where he has held several positions. Shafik Sachedina has been the chairperson of various departments at the Ismaili Institute which is effective in many of the Islamic community Worldwide. Also, as the chairperson of the department, he is required for coordinating the programs and activities of the 16 principal Institutions of the Ismaili community. Furthermore, he is responsible for ensuring the smooth and efficient running of activities within the operational area. Also, he is mandated of coordination and making sure that there is a persistent flow of accomplishments in all branches of the institute. Read more on https://www.thediscdirectory.co.uk/se/gu/horsham/healthcare/care-home-provider/dr-shafik-sachedina-and-shiraz-boghani-8940248.html

Through the stewardship of Dr. Shafik Sachedina, Sussex Healthcare has developed a unique mission to offer the highest level of person-focused care to all the client. They have designed and other plans based on improving the health, maintaining fitness, gaining movement, and building strength. The gym offer group training session that assists the people living lone lives to desire for more social interaction.

Dr. Shafik has also been able to lead a delegation of the Aga Khan Foundation to meet Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov. The delegation was discussing a focused on the current situation in the Middle East emphasizing on the development in Afghanistan and Syria. Dr. Shafik Sachedina applauded Russia’s regular and honorable position of quick and peacefully resolving conflicts in the region and fighting an uncompromising war against extremism and terrorism.

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Alex Hern: A Change in the Future Computer Processing

Alex Hern
There’s nothing more exciting than growing your business. In addition to the excitement that accompanies this growth, there is also the crippling fear that it might fail. Businesses fail all the time. This is especially true in the technology business where products are constantly changing. Alex Hern has made it his life’s work to keep up with the frequent changes that plague the technological community of the business world. This has earned him a lot of success in that arena and he recently gave an interview to Ideamensch that elaborated on why he believes he has been so successful in the field.

His interview with Ideamensch covered how important he believed that some degree of focus was to the process. Alex Hern believes that focus is indicative of a good businessman. He takes 4 to 5 hours a day to focus on one of his projects at a time. This allows him to approach the problems of that project with a clear head. He uses that clarity to make informed decisions about the future for these projects. It has been a habit that has worked out well for him for some time now. In fact, this habit has been so successful that Alex Hern recently announced the launch of his new project Tsunami XR.

Tsunami XR is important because it will essentially be on the forefront of writing new programming and software applications centered around the future of computation. Computation is making a shift toward the GPU’s in the future. More companies are looking at the power of GPU usage. While it does take them longer to retrieve a memory, they are able to retrieve larger amounts of it. Additionally, the GPU’s are able to be stacked in larger amounts. This means that they can queue up the information and provide a constant stream of data. The unloading process ensures that there will always be a line of data. CPUs are simply not capable of this process and are not able to be stacked in such a number. Many CPUs can only be stacked in pairs of two. Tsunami XR is it going to be part of a massive change in the future of computer processing.




Wearable Technology: The Eve of Convenience and Profit

A recent study conducted by the British Retail Consortium reported that a little more than half of all transactions in Britain are made using credit cards. The two companies behind this increase in credit card transactions are PSI-Pay and it’s affiliate Kerv Wearables.


Why are people choosing to pay with credit cards instead of physical coins? It is simply the convenience of a quick pay and goes versus ruffling through pockets trying to find the exact change. Kerv Wearables has also introduced a line of rings that take that convenience even further! You simply hover your ring over a credit card reader and you’re done. It is the new wave of what is called “wave and pay“.


This ease of payment has even caught the attention of the church. A portion of their churches has now upgraded their collection practices by using collection terminals, allowing people to donate using their wearable devices. The excuse of I don’t carry cash so I can’t donate during the collection is a thing of the past. Contactless payment is not limited only to rings, on the contrary, more wearables are being developed as we speak. Today, however, a person can use their card, smartphone and any other wearable that is compatible with the system that PSI-Pay has provided.


What are the benefits of adopting this method? The pros are clear as day, first, we have the opportunity to open the world market to more individuals as payment transactions can be done practically overnight, eliminating currency exchanges and other third parties. It decreases waiting for lines and increases the efficiency of both the consumer and the seller. We might not be able to predict the future, however, I would bet that the wearable technology produced by Kerv Wearables and PSI-Pay will soon open the world to a more united market.






Kerv and PSI-Pay Partner to Launch a New Mode of Contactless Payment

Kerv and PSI-Pay Partner to Launch a New Mode of Contactless Payment


In most parts of the world, people have left behind the use of cash payments for the use of credits cards, online accounts and other payment solutions that do not involve the use of cash money. The reason for this evolution is the fact that cash payments have become very risky recently. Goods and services are more expensive than they used to be and human beings are developing more needs by the day. Therefore, if we had to walk around with cash, then it would be very huge amounts of money. With this, there is a risk of loss and even the risk of theft. That is why modern payment solutions have been adapted especially in the first and second world countries. Companies like PSI-Pay have made this possible.


About PSI-Pay


Psi-Pay is a company that provides payment solutions like online accounts and cards that facilitate a non-cash form of payment in this modern economy. The FCA regulated company lends its services to individual and corporate clients in a number of countries. The company is run by a team of managers and partners with the long and successful career in the industry of internet payment solutions way before the founding of PSI-Pay. The company is located in Horsham city of the United Kingdom.


PSI-Pay’s latest contactless payment model


The contactless payment model is a mode of payment that uses credit cards, debit cards or smart cards as a means of payment for goods and services as well. PSI-Pay in partnership with Kerv a jewelry manufacturing company has partnered and come up with a proprietary ring designed by Kerv that can be used as a form of contactless payment.


How does the proprietary ring work?


The ring uses the NFC near field communication technology or the RFID technology to act as a mode of payment. All the user has to do is to tap the ring on a point of sale terminal which will access the software and be used to make a contactless payment. Unlike other forms of contactless payments, this one does not require the use of a pin or signature. The maximum payable amount is determined by the bank it’s integrated too. In case the user wants to make large amounts worth of purchases, then he or she has the option of using a card that is linked to the ring. The card can also be used for online expenditure.


The Kerv designed ring comes in a variety of sizes, colors and is designed to be waterproof and immune to scratches. The ring is also set to accommodate all genders.





The Origin of Neurocore and its Treatment Options

The organization was established in 2004. The main objective of the pioneers was to provide medical aid to their clients who suffered from brain-related problems. The treatment at Neurocore involves assessments and also offering training to that can help the patients to resume their daily routines. The patients include both children and adults. The medical practitioners at the health facilities utilize medical protocols such as EEG and neurofeedback. The practices help to overcome sleeping disorders, stress management, and other related conditions. For the patients with breathing problems, the doctors use neurofeedback and biofeedback. At the end of the processes, the mind-body connection is greatly improved.

Over the years, the organization has gained international recognition for the adoption of neuroscience. The clients can get medical assistance from the facilities situated in Michigan and Florida. The facilities have also welcomed athletes and franchises to enjoy their services. As part of its primary goals to improve the patients’ experience, Neurocore partnered with the Portland Trail Blazers to include brain rooms. The new platform is expected to benefit more people who visit the health institutions for training. The brain rooms are fitted with modern equipment that are meant to ensure the healthy condition of the brain, endocrine, and the respiratory systems.

Neurocore hopes to introduce more innovative services to their clients and adopting better technology with time. To achieve that, the specialists at the facilities are expected to research more areas of Neuroscience. The brain is a vital organ in the body and it coordinates our perceptions and emotional reactions. More research by various scientists is underway to discover more abilities and understand the functioning of the brain. The origin of neuroscience can be traced back to two Italian scientists known as Luigi Galvani and Alessandro Volta. Currently, there are many treatment options for depression. Initially, the options included the use of antidepressants and psychotherapy.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a certified plastic surgeon, and he is also a part of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He studied surgery in the University of Michigan and proceeded to have comprehensive training at the Manhattan Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital where he focused on cosmetic surgery. Dr. Sameer is based in Dallas, Texas and he has been in the medical surgery field for more than 20 years. His main areas of expertise in surgery include; the eyes, nose, face, and breasts. Aside from his professional life, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has three children.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a well-known surgeon in Dallas. Bearing in mind that he is not a native of Dallas, the recognition he got was from the satisfaction the people got through his services. It’s not even surprising that he has joined the Dallas surgery team. Having lived there for about eight years, the people have embraced him and learned to appreciate his business. He not only gets clients from Dallas but also outside Dallas.

He admits that what keeps him going and relevant is his passion. This passion makes him strive to learn more. Dr. Sameer has unique trending patterns in his career, and this continues to sell him and his business too. It is for this reason that he participates in numerous national plastic surgery activities and meetings to improve his skills and at the same time sharing his knowledge to inspire other surgeons.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar work has placed him a limelights, for instance in various medical articles and journals. He also received the Patients’ Choice Compassionate Doctor Certificate recognition. When he is not working Dr. Sameer contributes to the community by giving his time and skills where needed for example Smile Bangladesh, a non-profitable organization, which aids children with the cleft lip condition. He also enjoys spending time with his children and considers this the best achievements.