Mike Nierenberg: His Impressive Portfolio and His Newest Appointment

Michael Nierenberg has established himself as one of the best performing investment managers in the industry. He is a man of innovation and great work ethic which is highly evident in the services that he has rendered for big names in the industry of financial and investment management. Mike Nierenberg has served in the Bank of America Merrill Lynch as a the managing director and head of the Global Mortgages and Securitized Products division – and Mike Nierenberg was the man responsible for all the sales and trading affairs within his division. He also served as the Head of Global Securitized products for JP Morgan, prior to joining the Bank of America Merrill Lynch. In JP Morgan, he also served as a member of the management committee of the investment division.

One of his longest services was rendered to Bear Stearns, he spent almost a decade and a half in this company. In Bear Stearns, Mike Nierenberg held multiple senior leadership positions and was the head of Interest Rate and Foreign Exchange Trading Operations. Mike Nierenberg was also the Co-head of Structured Products and Mortgage-Backed Securities. In his later years in Bear Stearns, he served as one of the Board of Directors for the company. He also spent 7 years at Lehman Brothers and worked for the company’s adjustable rate mortgage business.

Mike Nierenberg’s extensive experience and knowledge in the investment management industry, his skill and his expertise has led them to his newly appointed position as the President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of New Residential Investment Corporation.

New Residential Investment Corp. is a company that is focused on managing investments related to residential real estate. They drive returns for their stockholders via investments in Servicer Advances, Excess Mortgage Servicing Rights and non-Agency Residential Mortgage Backed Securities and Associated Call Rights.

Mike Nierenberg is the perfect fit for the spot as the director of New Residential Investment Corp. because he can utilize all his knowledge and experience in keeping the company at the top of its game and making sure that New Residential Investment Corp. remains as one of the leaders in the residential real estate investment industry.

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Everything You Need To Know About Edwin Miranda

Besides being the founder, Miranda is also the Chief Executive Officer of the KOI IXS. KOI IXS is a famous, full-service and a performance-driven marketing agency. Edwin is one of few guys out there who understand and knows the importance of hard work. He believes that one of the benefits of the power of performance marketing is that it can help global brands acquire a bigger market share, bring new customers and clients, and also result to better customer engagement.

According to Edwin Miranda, the future is approaching at a fast rate. Therefore, he has the responsibility of helping the brands move even quicker. He says that he is lucky to work with a talented and passionate group of creators, designers, strategists, and thinkers. Being the Chief Executive of Company, Miranda has the responsibility of uniting their vision as well as uniting their shared creative talents to bring up good output.

Miranda says that he likes giving their clients all that they need to succeed in the cluttered market of these days. Each day, he wakes up early in morning and checks his curated news feeds as well as messages from projects and also the clients. After having a light breakfast, he either goes for a thirty-minute run or takes a stationary bike.

Miranda loves his family very much. Therefore, he ensures that he spends enough time with his family every morning. His schedules permit him to take his children to school. Then, he goes to work. The idea of KOI IXS came to his mind when he was only 21 years of age. He is happy to know that he has been able to bring things that came to his mind when he was only a guy to reality.

Edwin Miranda says that attribution, as well as predictive marketing, are some of the things that excite him most. He is a fan of results and delivering quality output for the good of his clients. He has a strong passion for what he does and that is why he performs well.

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Organo Gold Produces Quality Coffee As A Way Of Improving The Coffee Culture

There are some regions in the world where people take beverages such as coffee seriously. In such areas, there is a variety of coffee beans, and each brings about a different flavor. The caffeine levels also vary. As a coffee fanatic, you must be conversant with the various brands that offer quality instead of quantity. One of the revered brands is Organo Gold.


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Falalala – Latte ♫ Savor the holidays and #TasteTheGold with ORGANO™.

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Organo Gold is a company that is dedicated to offering purely organic quality products. The company has been providing quality products for more than ten years. Organo also brews quality tea. Since Ganoderma is one of the ingredients used during the manufacturing process, the products produced by Organo Gold are outstanding. They also possess numerous health benefits.

Ganoderma Lucidum also goes by the name Reishi. It is a type of mushroom found in Asia. Ganoderma helps to boost the immune system. As a result, it has been used for many years as a herbal remedy that could treat various ailments. The company is also under the leadership of Bernardo Chua. After founding the company, he utilized the knowledge that he had about multilevel marketing to enhance the growth of the company while also ensuring that people can earn some revenue by selling the organization’s products. The independent distributors can also bring new distributors on board. As a result, you can gain from such lucrative business opportunities.

After the inception of the company in 2008, Organo Gold has been growing at an exponential rate. They also provide their client base with a wide array of different types of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate that you can choose from. Organo Gold is focused on providing quality products since they value their consumer base. The company also makes sure that all their distributors have an entrepreneurial spirit which allows them to market the Organo Gold products accordingly.

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Life, Career, And Successes of Bhanu Choudhrie

Born in 1978 in Delhi, Bhanu Choudhrie studied at the University of Boston where he specialized in International Business and Marketing. Bhanu has been the executive director of the C&C Alpha Group Ltd. From 2001. Today, the group has a massive portfolio of investments that range from care homes in the UK to luxury award-winning spa hotels in Mauritius and India. Bhanu Choudhrie is the man that new and young entrepreneurs want to follow. First-time entrepreneurs take any tips and tricks he has to offer seriously. All this has been possible thanks largely to his passion and dedication in his work and willingness to help others. Check out this link https://quotes.wsj.com/CUBI/company-people/executive-profile/75955348

Bhanu Choudhrie relocated to London from the US in 1999 where he first worked as an intern at the JP Morgan company. However, upon moving to London, he saw a myriad of opportunities just waiting to be tapped and grasped at the chance. Bhanu has always said that the transition was one of the most exciting things he’d ever done in life.

In 2008, he won the prestigious Asian Entrepreneur of the Year award which he says was an exhilarating experience. Having been born in India. But then, most people would feel ecstatic by the feeling of receiving such a reward in their homeland. Being able to learn and develop business in that country and even meet new people. However, atop all that, the feeling of appreciation itself is fascinating. Bhanu Choudhrie believes that if he, having gotten to the point he is in life, so can anyone else.

The C&C Alpha Group is a family-run company with Bhanu at its helm. The company has invested in numerous areas like hotels, healthcare, restaurants, and even real estate. However, other fields like healthcare are tightly regulated and controlled in the United Kingdom. But that only makes it more interesting and exciting as you get to meet new people and personalities in the industry every time. Bhanu Choudhrie loves meeting new people and interacting with them which makes his job even more exciting to him. Bhanu also loves Asian arts so much to the point that he is working on promoting the local Asians to sell more Asian art in the United Kingdom. He loves life, and that shows in everything he does.

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Everything you need to know about Allied Wallets

Allied Wallet Ltd is a firm that specializes in providing customized payment solutions to consumers and enterprises. Allied Wallet offers payment processing services in multiple currency denominations across counties worldwide. The company also provides merchant services such as; credit card processing, eWallet, business pro integration, global payment gateway, ACH payment, PCI compliance, business pro, payment gateway, and online processing, and ACH services for use by financial institutions. The firm was established in 2002 and has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom.

Major Developments at Allied Wallet

Addition of New Payment Options for Italy E-Commerce Market

Dec 18 18

Allied Wallet has added Trustly, Klarna, and MyBank to its list of payment options. The move is aimed at bolstering and supporting Italy’s fast-growing e-commerce market. Italy has over 19 million online shoppers who spend approximately €21 billion each year. The growth of Italy’s e-commerce industry can be attributed to the fact that 80% of Italian consumers opt for home deliveries. Italy’s e-commerce market is the fastest growing in western Europe. The country’s online sales have more than doubled from €9.6 billion in 2013, and it is projected that it will reach €28.8 billion by early 2022. Another factor that has led to Allied Wallet to add more payment options in Italy is the projected growth of the fashion industry. Fashion spending is big in Italy and is expected to grow exponentially by 2021.

Addition of New Payment Options for Malaysian E-Commerce Market

Dec 4 18

Similar to the case in Italy, Allied Wallet has added new payment options to support Malaysia’s rapidly growing e-commerce sector. Other than releasing new payment options, Allied wallet has developed compatibilities with several existing payment options including Malaysia’s most popular; 7-eleven, AirCash, and RHB Now, among other payment options. The reason for this development is to facilitate seamless, quick, and secure cash transfers. Allied Wallets payment options are designed to facilitate cash transfers between the banked population and the population that heavily relies on cash payments. Currently, more than 80% of Malaysians do not have credit cards to facilitate credit/debit payments making Allied Wallet’s payment solutions integral in facilitating online payments.

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The Best Coffee firm, Organo Gold

Organo is a substance that is accessible through the international firm, Organo Gold that was developed in 2008. Organo gives a variety of different elements that range from personal care items to tea and coffee. The firm performs its operations from 45 different nations, and its reknown product is Organo Gold coffee. The traditional Chinese fungus makes this type of coffee different from other coffees. The distinctive features of the fungus have given Organo firm a product that they have explained as being healthy in many different ways. The drink helps in many things such as weight loss, increase in energy levels and assist the immune system.

Organo Gold does not retail its products to stores or coffee houses; instead of individual suppliers buys products from the firm in wholesale. Through their efforts, the suppliers sell the commodities and earn a commission of 50% on the sales.

The firm has got great ties with the Napoleon Hill Foundation that has sold more than 100 million copies of Mr.Hill’s famous book. The firm is aiming at enabling millions of entrepreneurs to reach their financial goals and also wants to increase trend in taking quality coffee. The sponsors of Organo firm are determined to offer tools and knowledge to young people for them to become prospered community members.

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Sandy Chin Explains Why Mentors are a Must

Sandy Chin has made a name for herself as an entrepreneur and business woman. Currently she serves as as Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager at Tidal Bore Capital. Chin has more than two decades of experience working in this field. She has also spent lots of time serving as a mentor for young women who are looking to get started in the world of finance. She has worked closely with the group StreetSquash, a non-profit organization focused on supporting children and schools in Newark.

Sandy Chin is a believer in mentorship. She believe mentors can career-minded individuals to reach their goals. She wants them to know when to ask for higher wages and promotions. Also she wants young people to have answers to what their work day should look like and what are the keys to becoming successful in a given field. These are questions that a good mentor can help answer. Chin recently created a list of five reasons mentorship is important is important when trying to reach the next level in your career.

Mentors Teach Valuable Lessons

Sandy Chin remembers meeting her mentor William “Bill” Leach when he invited her to join his team at team at Donaldson, Lufkin, and Jenrette. She remembers two big lesson s that he taught her: Always ask questions and never turn down a meeting, regardless of the size of the company. These two lessons have stuck with Chin through her career and helped her to make a number of key decisions. Finding a mentor can provide great advice to guide a career.

Mentors can provide knowledge that advances your career

Mentors help young works gain the experience they are looking for. She remembers her mentor asking her to attend meetings and conferences. This provide great experience she would not have gotten anywhere else. This gave her insight into what she would experience once she was on her own.

Mentor can provide you with great contacts

Mentors will introduce you to people. They will help you to expand your contacts and get a footing into your new world. These contacts can be great resources once in your field.

Sandy Chin has two other important reasons to get a mentor. They include answer your questions about succeeding in your industry and also help you avoid major mistakes they’ve made. Sandy Chin is convinced having a mentor is a valuable asset. It should be used by anyone looking for success in their industry.


Jeremy Goldstein shows support for Fountain House

Fountain House, an organization that supports people recovering from mental illnesses, received a significant boost when Jeremy Goldstein hosted a dinner party in its support. There was plenty of food and wine at the event as everyone showed solidarity with the recovering patients. According to the World Health Organization, mental illness is a humanitarian crisis that is affecting over 450 million people across the world. It is a problem that has prevented many people from working, schooling, managing finances, and maintaining healthy relationships. It is because of this severity that Fountain House seeks to help these people in their recovery process.




How Fountain House was formed




Fountain House was founded in 1944 by a group of people who were recovering from mental illnesses. The group of six met while attending treatment and that is how they came up with the idea of supporting fellow patients. Over the decades, they have achieved many things as they help people by raising funds in several ways. The group was initially called “We are not alone” to show the state that most metal patients find themselves in when they feel isolated by the world. Their resolve was to ensure that nobody feels alone through a network that supports all patients.




Giving opportunities to recovering patients




The organization provides opportunities to recovering patients to learn and work. It is meant to make the patients productive through several initiatives. As they learn and work, they become part of the community that is making the world a better place. The group is led by a board of directors and a leadership team. Through mutual support, they operate several community mental health programs mainly in New York. Their innovative programs are based on research and knowledge about the process of recovery from mental health. Because of their activities, people with mental health problems have experienced an improvement in their living standards.




About Jeremy Goldstein




A leading executive compensation lawyer, Jeremy is a partner at the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, a law firm that advises compensation committees. For a long time, he has been involved in many big-money transactions. The New York University School of Law, Cornell University, and University of Chicago graduate is also the chairman of the Mergers and Acquisition subcommittee that falls under the Executive compensation committee in the American Bar Association Business Section. He is a published author who loves to write and talk about corporate governance as well as executive compensation.


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Stream Energy Is Changing Lives in Texas and Dallas through Its Philanthropic Work

Houston neighborhoods came crippling when they were hit by Hurricane Harvey. Organizations in America and other parts of the world were left with no choice but to watch helplessly at the floods and as people lost lives, property and their pets.


However, a Dallas-based firm, Stream Energy, utilized the money it had earned from energy sales to become the first to finance the recovery, besides easing the financial burden of its customers. When it comes to corporate philanthropy, Stream Energy has it in its DNA. The company that sells energy directly recently launched its charity foundation known as Stream Cares. This was done in line with the company’s objective to formalize its philanthropy all over Texas and across the country – something it has done for many years. Establishing a philanthropy arm separate from the company gives it an upper hand. Besides having a better opportunity to give back to the community, Stream Energy will also earn respect and loyalty of the stakeholders including its customers.


In 2016, Stream responded rapidly to assist the victims of a tornado in Texas. When several tornadoes invaded North Texas on the eve of Christmas, the employees of stream dived into action. Stream associates worked directly with the Salvation Army to raise thousands of dollars that went to people who lost their homes and businesses.


One notable project that Stream is passionate about is the Hope Supply Co. which is based in Dallas. The company and its associates partnered with Hope Supply Co. to cover entrance and meal costs for more than 1000 homeless children in North Texas during the annual Splash for Hope.


Kimberly Girard, the senior event manager, said that Stream Energy enjoys changing the lives of other people. Kim noted that Stream is an organization with a heart and has plans to consistently locate new and strategic ways of giving back to the company – and most importantly, ideas that are in line with the efforts of the firm’s associates.


Stream Energy is playing a unique role in attempting to raise both Texas and Dallas through the ranks. The company uses a compelling mix of the passion of its associates, corporate generosity, as well as a commitment to help the less fortunate.



Shervin Pishevar Rocks Twitter

Few people can generate the type of economic buzz on Twitter that Shervin Pishevar caused when he recently launched into an incredibly long tweet storm. Although the topics that Shervin Pishevar chose to dive into during his Twitter tirade were far reaching, they generally centered upon his predictive prowess in many domestic and global economic issues.


One of the more distressing topics that Shervin Pishevar tackled in this round of tweets was the future of innovation in the U.S. economy. He reasoned that there are five major tech giants that are currently dominating the entire industry, leaving hardly any room at all for start-ups to form. Over time, this will curb innovation by American companies because they will see the barriers to entry for the tech industry as simply too costly to surmount. International firms will be left with all the opportunity in the world to quickly outpace the U.S. in this regard.


To make the matter of the U.S. potentially lagging behind the rest of the world in tech innovation worse, Shervin Pishevar noted that Silicon Valley no longer has the pull that it once had in attracting new tech entrepreneurs. This means that the budding tech talent of the world is free to invent an innovate online instead of having to make the trek to Silicon Valley. It puts the rest of the world on a more level playing field in terms of start-ups having access to the top talent in the tech world.


Although he correctly predicted that Bitcoin would take a major hit in value, Shervin Pishevar also rejected the cryptocurrency critics and called that cryptocurrency is now here to stay. The allure of having an unregulated cyber currency will always mean that there is a place for Bitcoin to make steady gains down the line.