Michael Nierenberg Explains AboutMortgage Investment Management

The chairman and CEO of New Residential Investment company, Michael Nierenberg, explains how interest rate fluctuations can affect investment managers. There are four specialized ways that show how his firm engaged in financial transactions on the New York Exchange and overcame challenges and interest rate changes.

The mortgage is said to be certified if it meets the required lending standards. They are put in place by the government agencies. The dual processes of finding and managing residential mortgage assets require a lot of time and are compulsory for profitable returns. A long-term decrease in interest rate mostly occurs when the fixed-rate securities increase. Conversely, the interest rates go up when the fixed rate securities decrease.

Michael Nierenberg elaborates that obtaining and controlling real estate and also being able to locate undervalued real estate enables the investment manager to preserve asset values in high and low-interest rate environments. Assets advance from being under-performing or non-performing loans into flourishing real estate.

There are shortcomings and advantages in the mortgage servicing rights domain. Some of the benefits of MSRs include a recreation of new MSRs, its current provision being strong as well as its ability to minimize impacts of interest rate changes. However, the shortcomings include the absence of a critical business partnership and misunderstanding the asset potential.

Michael Nierenberg explains that a servicer advance is a cash fee that is reimbursable which the service provider may have to keep for their client. He has classified the facilities with servicer advance investing into various categories. This has enabled focusing on the risk and approximated returns of an asset instead of putting such assets in one place. It also creates a steady flow of returns for smart investors like Michael, thus it is a regular solution in current real estate security transaction.

The savvy and famous entrepreneur has consistently led in the investment sector. The New Investment Corporation is recognized for abundant mortgage servicing rights over the past years. Michael Nierenberg explains that it is crucial for investment managers to be continually alert for undervalued assets. This is established by ensuring sufficient capital resources and having long-term stable business connections.

Michael Nierenberg New Mortgage Lending Solution is a big help for Real Estate Enthusiasts

Do you like to have a home that is actively managed and fits within your budget? Do you want to be a real estate investor in a market that caters for the buyer as well as the seller? Then, New York is the perfect place to be. New York is home to one of the world best envied, targeted and admired real estate and mortgages projects. Accompanied by the booming number of real estate properties, it is the best place to invest, especially if you are under the perfect care of New Residential Investment Corporation headed by Michael Nierenberg.

Michael Nierenberg also served managerial roles in different capacities while he worked for JP Morgan as well as with Bear Stearns. He also was in charge of foreign exchange operation for trading and interest rates evaluation. He has made sure he left a steady growth to wherever industries he had worked for previously.

New Residential Investment Corporation commonly abbreviated as NRZ has over the last ten years lessen the burden that is acquiring loans for residential mortgages in the United States. They ensure that:-

  • They have a delivery of guaranteed investments return that will ensure there is a steady growth of dividends for shareholders.
  • They hunt for properties that will generate a consistent flow of money that will assure the Return of Investments (ROI).

Michael Nierenberg has developed a New Mortgage Lending Solution. He believes firmly in the future of investing in residential Mortgage. With his experience and expert knowledge, he has been able to come up with an actual plan that will help in giving out loans for mortgages as well as cater to the excess servicing rights. This model he has developed is unique from the other companies he has ever worked for, hence making New Residential Investment Corporation the best.

He spends most of his time analyzing the market and everything that pertains to the trends in investment in the real estate market. The data acquired from the assessment plays an instrumental role in ensuring that the right fees are given to the clients seeking to have better home ownership rights with loans. All these have been made possible by the help of Michael Nierenberg and his fellow executive members; The Chief Financial Officer, Nick Santoro and the Chief Officer for Accounting David Schneider.


A Spotlight on Jeremy Goldstein’s Professional Background

Jeremy Goldstein is a seasoned lawyer serving his clients in the Greater New York Area, and other parts of the United States. He specializes in advising founders, CEOs, and other managers on issues related to executive compensation, corporate management, and other sensitive management issues. At present, Jeremy runs his law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates.


How did Jeremy Goldstein develop his career?

Mr. Goldstein started his career after completing his undergraduate studies from Cornell University, and postgraduate studies from the University of Chicago.

After studies, Jeremy started working as a partner at a Merger and Acquisitions firm based in New York City. He guided various entrepreneurs through the intricate process of conducting mergers and acquisitions, as well as completing underwriting tasks and corporate reorganizations.

While serving the New York-based firm, Jeremy helped Miller Brewing Company to acquire South African Breweries, and he merged Morgan Chase with Bank One Corporation. Furthermore, Mr. Goldstein superintended the acquisition of other giant companies like Duke Energy, AT&T Wireless, and FleetBoston Financial Corp.

After some time, Jeremy Goldstein quit his role to establish and manage his law firm. He collaborated with like-minded legal experts to co-found Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, a company that helps its clients conduct mergers and acquisitions.

Also, the law firm provides legal advice to business managers facing critical administrative issues.


What inspired Jeremy Goldstein to start his law firm?

According to his article posted on blogwebpedia.com, Goldstein says that he opted to start his company due to the ever-increasing demand for legal advice concerning corporate conflicts.

During that time, many reputable compensation consulting firms abandoned their parent organizations to take advantage of the opportunity. This move impelled Goldstein to start his law firm.


How did Goldstein develop his business?

Unlike the competitors who were in a rush to get more customers, Jeremy Goldstein focused on providing professional services as a way to attract more customers. He only chose cases that his legal team could manage diligently.

Apart from providing professional services, Jeremy Goldstein focused on establishing close relationships with clients. In return, the satisfied clients referred their friends who needed Goldstein’s legal services.


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Ted Bauman Questions The Global Economy

Ted Bauman is responsible for several newsletters at Banyan Hill Publishing. These include Alpha Stock Alert, The Bauman Letter, and Plan B Club. His thousands of readers turn to the information provided by him and other writers at Banyan Hill Publishing to make the financial decisions that will impact their futures. Some of the issues that Ted Bauman addresses in his newsletters include low-risk investments, asset protection, international migration issues, and privacy. He is a staunch believer that the government has overstepped its bounds in certain areas and wants people to be able to live more sovereign lives in the United States.

He spent most of his childhood in the United States after being born in Washington D.C. After finishing high school, he moved to South Africa and attended Cape Town University. He spent 25 years working in South Africa. Most of the work that he did during this time was with non-profit organizations who focused on low-cost housing to people from different countries across the globe. Currently, Ted Bauman and his family live in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States. During his years in non-profits, he gained a lot of knowledge in investing that can be used to help the average person live a life that is more financially secure with less oversight by various government organizations.

There are many people who don’t trust the economy in the United States. They are starting to question the economy on a worldwide level along with the government. Countries in the west like the United States have been making a lot of accommodations for big businesses and a lot of taxpayers feel as if they are being harmed in the process as their needs are being forgotten. In the long-term, bailing out these huge companies seems to only be helping the people who already had a large amount of money and was not in the best interest of the rest of the people in the country. There are a lot of problems in the economy and Ted Bauman and his readers are constantly looking for new ways to solve them.

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Michael Nierenberg and His Commitment to Demystify Loan Services and Mortgages

The conventional process of acquiring mortgage loans can be extremely rigid. This kind of challenges can make one be denied a loan even if they belong to the high-income earners bracket. For instance, a QM mortgage procedure has stringent guidelines that relate to verifying the borrower source and amount of income. Borrowers are required to provide recent pay slips. This hinders various categories of borrowers from accessing mortgages. Such borrowers include self-employed people, foreigners and those with substantial assets.

For the last four years, non-QM mortgages have emerged as a customized solution to this increasing problem. The non-QM process uses flexible underwriting rules. The capacity to repay the loan is still a major consideration in the mortgage application process. Consumers should, therefore, understand that every loan is subject to the ability to pay rule. The non-qm loan has a different approach to getting there. For one to qualify for a QM loan, he or she has to provide alternative supporting documents such as financial statements as opposed to W2s.

Mortgage services and loan origination enterprises have changed greatly since the financial challenge that happened in two thousand and seven. One result of the financial crisis was that banks significantly withdrew from the mortgage market. New entities like New Residential have taken up the role and done it even better. They seek to reduce the reliance on QM loans that follow strict application and repayment procedures. Such restrictive procedures are enforced by government-sponsored enterprises and federal housing agencies. Non-bank mortgages approach delinquent loans differently. They are proponents of loan modifications strategies as opposed to forced assets sales.

Michael Nierenberg is a pioneer in such customized mortgages and loans. He is the Chairman, President and Chief Executive of New Investment Corporation. He was appointed as the board chairman in mid-2016 and chief executive in 2013. Previously Michael Nierenberg was serving as the managing director and head of Global Mortgages and Securitized products at Bank of America, Merrill Lynch. He also had a stint at JP Morgan in the management committee and also in charge of global securitized products. Michael Nierenberg has served as a leader in various organization and capacity. His vast knowledge and experience make him want to make a change in the financial sector.

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How Neurocore Offers A Third Way To Treat Mental Health Conditions

Neurocore is a company that helps people experiencing mental health challenges such as depression. They say it’s hard to get treatment for these challenges for a number of reasons. People may be reluctant to seek it out due to social stigma. They might be able to afford the cost and sometimes the mental health challenge itself stops people from seeking out treatment. If people do get help it’s usually a combination of talk therapy and medication.

While talk therapy and medication can be effective to some extent they’re not the best answer for everyone. Their symptoms may not respond to these methods of treatment or there are bad side effects. Neurocore offers a third way of treating mental health challenges including depression, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, hyperactivity, and more. This is by using neurofeedback instead of talk therapy and medication.

Neurocore has several brain performance centers where they offer neurofeedback. It is the same treatment for all of the mental health disorders. The first step is putting a customized “hat” on the client that measures their brain’s electrical activity. The clinician uses this activity to create a “brain map” which outlines what the client’s baseline is. They can see if there are irregularities in the “brain map” which is the problem causing the mental health condition.

From there, the client comes in for brain training sessions where their brains are monitored while they sit and watch a movie. The brain is trained to stay within normal parameters which relieves the mental health issues the client has. This uses a reward system that involves the movie not stopping as long as the brain operates within the baseline standards.

Neurocore was established in 2004. They are now recognized as a national authority when it comes to applied neuroscience. They have centers in both Florida and Michigan. The chief executive officer of this company is Mark Murrison and the chief science officer is Elyse Kemmerer White. They are also led by President Rick Kuiper.

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Michael Nierenberg talks about investing in service advances

If you want to invest in the real estate industry, you should identify the most innovative ways to do so. New opportunities are coming up every day, and therefore, you should know about the best options. Michael Nierenberg says that people can make profits when they invest in Servicer advances. Simply put, these are reimbursements that are given to the mortgage services. They vary in amount from one company to another. In addition to that, you need to understand how they work and the tricks that are likely to help you earn more.

Finding the right company to work with

To be sure of finding the best servicer advances, Michael Nierenberg says you need to identify the right company to work with. For instance, he says that New Residential Investment Corp. has the best analysts to help you understand how to get the highest returns. He says that even when you think that you can do it on your own, there will come a time when things will be too complicated for you. This is not the kind of investment that you can do blindly and so; you have to look for someone to guide you.

Knowing when to expect the servicer advance

One thing that you need to know about servicer advances is that various market factors determine them. That is the reason they will be high at one punt and reduce drastically at another. Sometimes, you will not receive anything at all. You will be disappointed if you do not know how to read these patterns. Michael Nirenberg says that it takes an experienced investor to understand these partners and that is the reason some do not make a cent from their investments. However, when you are working with a trusted company, you will have nothing to worry about.

Michael Nirenberg is one of the trusted names when it comes to real estate investment. He has been in the industry for many years and has worked with several companies. His company, New Residential Investment Corp, educates people on the best investment strategies in this industry and therefore, you can expect them to give you sound advice.

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Edwin Miranda Weighs in on Agency vs. Consultancy

When a business is trying to expand its market share and attract new customers- as well as reinvigorate the dedication of existing customers they would traditionally hire a marketing agency to help them push forward their ad campaigns. While this worked for a long while, a changing society has forced marketing into a new direction.

With the advent of the internet and smartphones, advertising has had to step up its game. According to Edwin Miranda, it’s no longer enough to just have a polished ad campaign: You have to stand out from the crowd and find a way to connect to your intended audience. Often, marketing agencies are too rooted in past methods to achieve this goal.

Filling in this gap are advertising consultants, who are better positioned to push an ad campaign beyond being a simple campaign. Consultants such as Edwin Miranda specialize in audience connection instead of snappy slogans. They do more than come up with a new art style for a company: They help connect the company to the public in new and innovative ways, using creativity and passion instead of formulaic ad tactics to create something fresh and original for each new campaign.

Companies and the market are taking notice: As Edwin Miranda points out, four of 2017’s top 10 advertising agencies were actually consultants, proving that consultancy is a rising force in connecting companies with customers. By focusing on the client-customer relationship over flashy gimmicks consultants are having a major impact on sales and market shares.

Indeed, many advertising agencies are hiring consultants to help them land and keep clients. But they often keep consultants as outside help, limiting the benefits that consultants can bring to their businesses. Edwin Miranda formed KOI IXS to bridge these gaps and provide full service creative advertising to clients.

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Talkspace a new way to do Therapy

Personalized Therapy a Text Away

Have you ever entertained the idea what it would be like to have your own therapist in the case you were experiencing a crunch in life and you needed some real feedback from someone rather than your friends telling you what you want to hear? Talkspace is such an app that allows you, for a small fee from $49-79/ week, to contact your therapist and have you contact you daily. Talkspace has over 1 million users and have received positive reviews.

First Sessions

The first online meeting, according to users, is a question and answer session where Talkspace management ask you some personal question, which will be used to tailor your sessions to your individual needs. After the initial session and usually within 24 hours your individual therapist will contact you to introduce their self to you. Though the first session is a bit intimidating, since you are about to share some very personal matters, knowing that your therapist is a bonafide and highly capable, and highly skilled professional, really is a plus, according to users of Talkspace.

Credentialed Therapist at Work

A Talkspace subscriber will has all the credentials of their therapist before they begin a session. Sessions thru Talkspace is where you meet a therapist that is professionally trained in a real accredited medical school to carry out the work of therapy.

Talkspace has over 2000 licensed therapist who’ve registered with Talkspace to help individuals at a time of need in their life. A big appeal of Talkspace is that it costs less than traditional therapy.

Solid Therapy and Feedback

For those who have used Talkspace report that their sessions have provided life-changing feedback from their sessions via text. One person even said her feedback was like sharing with someone troubling moments and gaining perspective thru the person you are sharing them with. For those who are interested in one to one sessions Talkspace also offers these services.

Learn more: https://www.talkspace.com/blog/2017/02/talkspace-reviews-experiences-help-decide-right/

Organo Gold Breaks Barriers In Coffee Industry

Coffee has been a part of our daily lives ever since it was discovered and brewed. For coffee lovers, the best way to start the day is by smelling the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee and having a cup before hitting the road. But, little did we know that there are other ways that can transform our ordinary coffee into a healthy beverage. Thanks to Organo Gold, there is now a healthy alternative in drinking coffee.

This increasingly popular brand uses some of the best organic ingredients in its coffee. One of these is the Ganoderma Lucidum, a potent variety of mushroom that holds numerous health benefits. This type of mushroom is native to the Wuyi Mountains of China and one of its major benefits is improving the immune system. Aside from this, the coffee is filled with antioxidants that help destroy free radicals in the body.

Organo Gold now expands its brand and adds other products to its potent and healthy coffee. Those with active lifestyle can now enjoy its wellness supplements. It also adds varieties to its coffee that complements the taste of coffee sold in coffee shops.

Interestingly, Organo Gold take the marketing and distribution of its products to a brand new level by giving consumers and distributors the opportunity to purchase products wholesale and sold it in whichever way they prefer. This not only allows coffee lovers to enjoy the healthy benefits of this brand of coffee but also enables them to earn by being a part of Organo Gold’s distribution business.